Wednesday, August 07, 2002

today i woke up at 12 sumthing and then take shower and go to garys house and ate his egg bread, or french toast as you all call it. and den we go play basketball.. i felt so tired man... i didnt wanna move... maybe it was the egg bread. or the dry ness.. or cus i lifted weights rite b4 i went to sleep. neways i sucked really bad and he owned me in game.. but i could still kinda shoot... its just hard to run. i go home and go math class. i can do math pretty quick now.. (i got slow cus i practically stopped doing math HW from i think 8th grade, well i didnt try so i didn tget enuff practice).. yuh.. after dinner i go bike ride with brother to cabrillo 38 playground.. and i met andrew there and we play one on one up to 16. but we play so long and it got black and we deuced and deuced and deuced for a long time but at the end... i became blind and he beat me.. good game..

my brother pulled a 1 centimeter long, 2 milimeter wide splinter from underneath his nail... it was disgusting.,.. the first time i saw it.. his finger nail was producing all this puss and stuff and it was like raising his nail and then a few days later.. it turned into all this brown junk.. and a few days later it all went away and it dried.. his whole nail is white and u could see underneath it.. the gap between his nail and his meat is about 2 he pulled it out wit a tweezer.. here is a pic. now underneath it looks like regular skin and i could see little grains of sand still there.

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