Sunday, March 16, 2003

welp just got off the fone wit my good ole cousin dillon. yep, one of the rugged ones from my quiz. man im lucky to have a great cousin like him. we were talking about basically everything, and had lots of laffs. best 2 hours ive spent in a while. our conversation ranged from the good ole days when we were kids, middle school, highschool, relationships, friends, drugs, war, economy, jobs, fight club, etc. its great how we can still talk like that when he lives so far away, and we see each other maybe twice a year. hah, quite a character he is, one of my favorite people. I think he could be the only person that i could talk to about anything. cheers! time to watch old jet li movies with family. my dad is laffing with his hyena laff. so it must be good :)

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