Friday, June 06, 2003

woke up at 1 today.. felt pretty crummy. was hungry and other things. the stove was being cleaned!! so i couldnt cook nething, couldnt go out and eat because i had to pick brother up a lil later. so i found some old dim sum, made me a sandwich. then lets see wut i did... um.. i guess i played some yahoo games and such.. and then comes the most amazing thing that happened to me in my whole life. whoa.... ill never forget it.

this girl is amazing :)

well looks like im getting to drive more, so thats pretty cool. got sat2 tmw so i should look over some stuff rite now. arite!! off to the start of my summer!!

ill miss u :\, hope u will have loads of fun!! remember booty shorts! yes. thanks for dropping by, u always make me super happy hehe

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