Monday, May 02, 2005

Volunteer Journal #3/#4

Well I forgot to post last time, so here it is. Becuase of STAR testing, the classes for this week was shorter so I did 2 classes on Friday. Both of the classes read stories. First class was Amistad Rising, and the second class was Echo and Narcissus. It was funny because when the teacher asked the class why Narcissus did not like Echo, one of the kids blurted, "cus hes gay!" haha crazy kids.

I didn't have a chance to talk to the first class..

In the Second class, I found out that my assumption was correct. All the Asian students in the class were from Korea. I wonder what caused this. I asked Young about where he came from, and he, like Justin just came from Korea 3 months ago... 3 months ago was February. And his father works at UCD as well. I guess a lot of these kids are from families of the immigrants of scholarly or high professional status.

I saw that Young had this fuzzy pencil bag. He got it from his Grandma. It was by this company "NICI" that i never heard of. This is an instance of transnational networking heh.

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