Thursday, June 05, 2008

Genius #1: Bo Burnham

HAHHAAHAHAHAHAHAH man.. Last day of school BABYYYYYYY. Last night I drank with Frank (rhymage) to celebrate good times. It was great, stumbling around watching russell peters. You should try it!

Anyways this morning I woke up hungover, but I woke up early to go to my class. Turns out, it was cancelled wtf.

These posts will be about things that impress me. Item numero uno, Bo Burnham. This guy is hilarious. Wilton first showed it to me, and the lewdness and shrewdness (and crudeness) shocked me cus Wilton was like 10 years old! But when I looked at the lyrics, this guy is genius.

Step on a crack,
break your mothers back
Turn around and smoke that crack,
break your mothers heart

Well, today I saw his new song video and the last verse just killed.

cause havin sex is like quadratic expansion if it cant be split then its time to stop,
and havin sex is like doing fractions, its improper for the larger one to be on top,
and havin sex is like math homework, i do it best when i'm alone in my bed.
and squarin numbers are just like women, if theyre under thirteen just do them in your head.... this shizz with the lyrics on the right hand info expanded, son.

ya dig?

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Fishy said...

You lie. The post was about thingS that impress you. You only wrote one thing!