Monday, June 02, 2008

Mini Cooper Tracking

So there's this awesome website that I've been going to that lets you know where your cargo ship is about every 6 hours. And that cargo ship has my MINI on it!


the ship is called the Boheme, callsign Sivy. It's holding about 700 cars right now? and at this moment, its about to cross the Panama Canal! check it out:

Kinda small and blurry and squintworthy, so heres a closer shot:

Cool huh?

Oh yea another cool thing is this video I found on Youtube about the Panama Canal. The cool part is how the ships pass through the so called "locks" at each end of the canal.

I read somewhere that the pressure generated to raise the ships is purely from rainwater. It costs nothing to move the water! Kinda like Hetch Hetchy

June 10: MINI arives at Port Hueneme, CA
Can't wait!


Fishy said...

I'm so excited! Aren't you glad you bought the mini instead or a used car? Look at the excitement in your life. I mean, if you got a regular used car I'm pretty sure you won't be as happy as you are now. It's a real joy :)

Chun Lick said...

shows how materialistic we are in this society

Chun Lick said...
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Anonymous said...
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