Tuesday, September 22, 2009

WTB: Yamaha

Imagine if it was all black, or all white.  mmm.. sexy.

Anyways, this is something I've wanted since... last year? But its hefty price has kept me from owning this beautiful beast.  Electric Violin!! how awesome would that be!!?  It all started when I was playing in my room to relieve some stress.  (dont take that out of context)  And my roommate yells at me to shut my door and keep it down.   At first I was pissed off, but then it dawned on me that not everyone likes classical music.  If only I had a violin only I could hear!

Tada! introducing the Yamaha SV-150.  I like the looks.  I mean its modern looking but still retains the classic violin shape.  I'm not into the awkward Quasimodo shaped electric violins that are out there, too craasyy.

And not only does it let  you practice silently, you can hook it up to an amp, to your computer to record, but the best of all is the control module that lets you add effects for fun!  Man it would be so cool to fake a rock guitar solo on this baby. OO! after watching the below video, it also lets you load MP3's and jam to them.  c'mon.. lottery!

Demo at the NAMM show!

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