Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Babble Blah Blurb

A little Housecleaning
1st and foremost, nobody guessed it right last post!  Some of you came awfully close (gj Stef, Tiana) but no Cigar.  The real list goes like this:

1. Alex
2. Andy
3. Henry? haha, what a mysterious guy

And.. to get the yelp style clickamajiggers, you go to layout and click 'edit' in the 'blog post' box.  Cool!

Money buys Happiness
Sure does.  I just bought me a PS3, baby.  Now I can stay up late playing MW2 with my PS3 buddies (add me: LickWick).  At first I was pretty hesitant about buying one, because I'd have to get a TV too.  But then I was asking my uncle where he got his 42", and he was like don't go out and buy one just use mine I barely use it.  :)  It's great because now I can watch my 2.5Men, and stream stuff off of SurftheChannel.com on a big screen.

In other news... the Sega Zone...?

So few months back, I started my first NBA fantasy league and as of this week guess who's number one?

Yep, me! But unfortunately and stupidly, I forgot to set my lineup on Monday and benched 3 very good players *sigh* I might pretty much just gave away my #1 spot already.  I'm also beginning to wonder if it's luck or my unhealthy love for data, because i'm sure as hell it's not my knowledge of basketball.


Henry Tran said...


Fishy said...

chicka chickaaaa

Cora L. said...

Sega Zone!!! AHAHAHAHAH I wonder how it'll fare, considering the dreamcast wasn't very long-lived...


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