Monday, February 08, 2010


ahh.. just finished my obligatory nighttime cup of milk.  It's my obligation to drink it because I foolishly bought two gallons of milk because they'd be 1.99 each thinking "sure, I could finish this no problem!".  And now I'm in a tight race (gallon challenge?) against the rapid rate of bacteria growth in that last jug.  This ain't the first time I tried this either haha, I'll never learn!

 What's up with these new milk jugs? They pour so awkwardly

Have you ever come across something or someone awesome on Youtube, and just devote the next few hours scouring all the related videos?  I just found out about this beatboxing dude called Beardyman.  I was into some beatboxers back in the day like Rahzel and LeeJay where I was trying to find all their videos, cus they were so mindblowing!  Haha, LeeJay actually went to UCD and I walked past him at work once and I thought "man he walks like an asshole".  Anyways, this guy Beardyman is pretty sick.  Beatboxing tends to get old and repetitive pretty quick.   But he takes it to a new level with crazy sound effects, DJ equipment, and comedy.  He's pretty funny and entertaining to watch.  Check it:

He gotta do more of this! 

pretty cool, yea it's old 2007 I think I even watched it back then.  Oh well, i think it's awesome.


Cora L. said...

Okay, i"ll admit that guy is cool..

BUT!!!! I think he's SPITTING all over the place, and I DEF don't want him cooking anything for me. LOL

P.S. Milk does the body good!

Tiana said...

True story: My dad used to have me and my sister drink one cup of milk every night before we went to bed. Either he was trying to make sure we had enough calcium to grow or help us fight against lactose-intolerance. Neither worked :/

p.s. are those milk jugs from Costco?

Fishy said...

HELLOOOO I'm waiting for you to blog more posts! Neglect