Thursday, September 23, 2010

Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston, TV shows

Besides being obsessed with my phone, I got hooked on something else.  I got addicted to a show about Meth.  I remember my buddy Henry trying to get me to watch Breaking Bad way back in January and I just shrugged it off.  "meh, its not for me" "i'm more of a comedy kind of guy"  "fuh-gettabout-it" 
I haven't gotten into hit shows like '24', 'Prison Break' or 'Lost' because I like my shows short and hilarious.  But I'm pretty sure if I saw the first episode of each of those shows, I'd get sucked in just as easily as I did with Breaking Bad.  I started watching it last Sunday, and a week later I finished the 3 seasons.  Here's how you know when you got it bad:
  1. You get emotionally attached with the characters and you get angry at them, swearing and calling them out by name, even when you're the only one watching it.  "WTF WALT, YOU IDIOT" "YESSSS KILL THAT MFER! POW!POW!"
  2. You don't even notice the sun has set, and you have to pry yourself out of the butt-crevice you formed when the sun starts to come out again.  
  3. You just finished the last episode, and you just need more content.  So you scour the internet.  IMDB to read the random trivia.  Wikipedia to learn all about the characters and actors.  Youtube to watch actor interviews, and award speeches.  
Man Bryan Cranston surprised me in this series.  He deserves his 3-Peat Emmy wins.  His character goes through so many changes and he portrays it perfectly.  And he's a completely different person in real life too!  Funny Jimmy Kimmel interview:

It's sad I need to wait another year to watch the next season, but good thing the TV season is starting up again!  Shows I'm looking forward to: HIMYM, Modern Family, Community, Two and a Half Men.  ahh.... my comedy fix

PS: hahahaha i just got finished watching his interview with Craig Fergusen they're crazy funny hahaha


Cora L. said...

AH, alex said he heard that one was good. I have to watch it next!


Alex Thunderlips said...

Yep. It's on my list. And hard drive. Just gotta find the time...

Tiana said...

umm...excuse me, I think I recall me telling Henry that he NEEDED to watch breaking bad, and him snobbishly saying he wasn't into it. Then he got hooked and we BOTH tried to convince you, but you refused.

needless to say, i'm glad you're on the right train :)

Henry Tran said...

Whoa whoa whoa. I said I was IMMEDIATELY hooked on the program, Tiana. Don't put them words in my mouth. Dems fighting words!

Fishy said...

I realized living in a boring place makes you need to feel different emotions through your shows. Life got so boring at one point I was really addicted to the drama of Jersey Shore, but I realized I usually get that from House. The lovey dovey/comedy story comes from HIMYM. And I get my laughs from Community and 30 rock. Life is filled with emotions again while I live vicariously through tv.