Friday, June 07, 2002

hello readers, i woke up at 1 o clock today, well yesterday. i took a shower and i smelled something like sweat.... i thought i smelled really bad so i put on extra soap, but when i got out, it was worse,, i got angry and started yelling at myself(im kinda grumpy int the morning) it turns out that my grandparents were making dumplings and they cut up trays of onions and chives, stank up the whole house.... at least today i got to eat cereal ... i didnt noe wut i was gonna do today cus i didtn go to school, but luckily andy came and we csed for a bit, he ate cereal, then henry came, and we csed s'more... then i watched harry potter dvd... then andy left... then me and henry went to henrys house to watch godfather... but first we watched star wars 1... godfather is hella good movie... its not boring and has a good story.... but i only saw 1/6 of it...i wonder wut im gonna do this summer... im kinda still too young to work.. all job applications say 16 years of age .. eh!

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