Monday, June 03, 2002

I had my geo final today, it was pretty easy in the beginning but at the end there were some hella long variable problems but i think i got at least a b hopefully.

damn... after school, i was going back to my locker and i had a sombrero (from chinese skit) wit me and these 3 fagoot white guys from another school were messin wit ppl and they sed hey! thats our hat! and of course i sed no its mine. and then they grabbed it and surrounded me at my locker and one took my marker and they saying all this crap like "u a tagger?" "we gonna beat ur ass" (he was holding a broom? fucking janitor) and i was hella pissed i sed "wut the fuck are u doin" and the leader guy told them to gimme back my stuff and they went on messin wit uther ppl..... hella pissed.. stupid ass idiots.. juss cus they in a group o 3 they feel all tuff and shit fucking fags... too bad i was alone.

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