Friday, June 14, 2002

um.... feel lazy to blog alluva sudden.. lets see i play lil bit Counter-Strike but then i suck now so i liek to play starcraft but i suck too but i think im getting lil bit better.. i play basketball these days too.. been a while.. and we went bike riding .. it was fun wit andrew and brian.. then today i went again wit andrew gary and andy.. it was fun zooming around... but hills are sux... ooh i slept over at garys hose and he showed me some photoshop making.. and wehn i woke up at 8 i dont noe why i woke up than early i juss did... so i opened up his adobe photoshop and made this!!!

pretty slick eh..? i like to play with liquid.. and EMBOSS!! haha.. lets see... oh yea i dled roadtrip, legally blonde, and saving private ryan in DIVX format... its hella cool... yay free movies... now i want more.... bandwidth!!!!

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