Tuesday, November 19, 2002

new post after i realized something, this is what ALWAYS happens every school year.
1. at the end of summer, i promise I will do better this school year.
2. I start off doing all my homework and studying hard. I even have time to chill at friends house.
3. I get lazy and start playing computer games thinking "eh no harm rite?"
4. my days get longer and i sleep less at night because I get hooked on some game.
5. I go to school half asleep, half bored and dont take in knowledge.
6. my grades slip slightly and i get discouraged.
7. then downward spiral as the semester drags on.

if i dont change dood,
i will get scrood
i wont go to a college that is good
i will go home to eat food
everyday i will have a bad mood
so i must change, understood?

damn im good

peace again, its 11, i will sleep at 1130, improvement from 1 o clock

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