Friday, November 29, 2002

wussup chickens, turkey was pretty good. I think i ate too much tho, i stuffed like a mofo. my uncle brought his gamecube over and me him, his bro and henry were playin smash bros melee and mario party 4, pretty neat. then andy came and gary came and the same time and andy brought his computer. we CS for so long it started to burn our pupils. yeea then gary left and andy slept over. haha andy kept on trying to teach my useless ass to do a onehand cut with a deck of cards. hot damnnn it was hard, i realized my hand is small and cant stretch that far so i cant do it wut pity. yea we were juss chillin and such, pretty fun.

next day i woke up late and we were bored, we juss lanned CS and cut funny clips outta funny movies. One.Two.Three

and yes! he gave me jezzball!! i havent played that in years, im gonna break the hundred thousand mark. when? only time will tell

I wanna, Chadwick wick wick you from ur head to ur toe.

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