Tuesday, January 28, 2003

arite, since andy the blog/profile hunter luong has persuaded me to, i will post once again. Hmm its interesting that my last post is about the day before the first day of school. Well that means ladies and roughmen, that i will be talking about my adventures in the very beginnings of my new school semester. It seems that I have scheduled classes so that I have 6 classes straigh through the morning, have a 40 minute break in the afternoon, then I end with a physics class. It may seem demanding, but I like it pretty much. Because I dont have any AP classes, I have less stress than the rest of my friends. And i found out that taking straight 6 classes in a row puts me in this deep concentration and i seem to learn more. then when i get my break, i feel so relaxed, it is like blissful goodness. then one class ends it, i come home at 230, and i have a lot more time to do homework. well speaking of homework, crazy pang assigns so many characters to write, it takes like an hour a day to do her homework. its funny how the character book itself isnt wortht that much, but i spend so much more time on it. the semester is nothing spesh, i got 17 on my rhythm testing for orchestra(which i got 20 the previous 2 semesters) and i think i got marked off on my audition. all because I forgot that we had auditions for seating on monday. so what that means is that I will either sit in the far back of the first violins, or get knocked into 2nd violin territory. At first I was pretty bummed out, but these things happens so i juss shrug it off so i dont get depressed or none. I got Kelly for American Lit, he keeps u on ur toes. I sit in the front row and the sudden booming of his voice scares me like hell. I have this nervous nature that makes me jump at the slightess action so there is a good chance i get a panic or heart attack. Once, we were flipping through a book, and a picture reminded him of hell or sumthing. so then he gets his face 3 inches away from mine, and starts yelling about god having my soul on his palm of his hand and any bit of evil will cause me to plummet to my doom in hell. IT was scary as hell man, an experience that would traumatize a lil kid. The rest of hte class found it hilarious, but I was grimacing with fear. i swear i was cold sweatin. lets see... physics is same, cept he showed us this cool video about the tacoma bridge, and it was the bridge where wind currents would cause it to move in a wave motion due to resonance and frequency and such. It was very interesting. I've kept my promise to myself to be more studious; I spend much of my time doing homework, and most importantly, ive been keeping up with my math homework. Tomorrow is the first test, so i hope i do good on it. For marketing class, we had to write a resume, and boy o boy is it hard to think up my accomplishments. You know what staying home and playing counter-strike does? it makes ur resume the length of the back cover summary of a novel. o well, and because of the declining economy, i have a slimmer chance of getting a job. right now, juss keeping my cool, doin my work, studying, listening to oldies, and waiting for another weekend so i can chill with amigos. man oldies are good. i stopped listening to recent music because theres not much to listen to, piss me off. ive stayed off the comp (although my sn is still on) and read the godfather, i have about 50 pages left. man if any of u wanna read a book, read the godfather. its hella good book, keeps u wanting to read more. and when ur done, see the movies. thanks henry for the book.
last weekend was the superbowl, so i juss kiqed it at garys house. we were sitting on his leather seats of luxury not really paying attention to the game cus nothing happened man. i ate some of his chicken bake and some parfait. good stuff. the game was boring so he started attacking me,and in the middle he hit me in the head .. again. but its arite, no damage, juss some blood. we stopped watching after the half time. man to think all those raiders fans that paid thousands dollars. crazy. and the riot. crazy. i remember a commercial with this black guy promoting football for its craziness.. well.. the game was not. and den we played CS. i called up andy and we kept on sayin military commands on the microfone ending with 'over' everytime, it was pretty fun. I wanna scrimmage again, its fun. and i want 1.6 so i can fun. well, this is all i will say because when I started, my back was straight, now im slouched at a 5 degree angle. (if u read this whole thing, u are a hero) peace!!

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