Friday, January 10, 2003

oh yea i decided to share this with you, i was talking to someone that i met several years ago playing some kinda game, i htink jippii. and her life is really tragic, makes me feel fortunate. well in her profile it said "life is hell I wish the accident had killed me" these words are pretty serious so i asked her wutsup. turns out that her 17 year old brother just left in anger, her father is getting married to another woman, and she has to move to another city because the woman's daughter is going to 11th grade and cant change schools. She has to leave her childhood friends, and live in a completely different environemtn This all follows a painful car accident she was in that sprained her lower back and injured her leg. man so many terrible events in a row, it is unthinkable. I dont know how people can cope with these situations, but i hope she pulls through this and has a good future ahead.

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