Monday, January 20, 2003

Hello Chunlick,

You will receive your official schedule on Tuesday morning, January
21st, at 8:30 a.m. in registry.

wow the shiny new semester will begin tomorrow. I hope i get the schedule I wanted, or at least something acceptable so that I dont have to wait in a line longer than at a star wars movie premiere. I needa get my 'act' together now. SATs, college, and everything dude. so fast, im still a kid! so that means i gotta be more serious about schoolwork and limit the time i spend on the computer. Wish u all a prosperous new semester.
Today was pretty fun, havent been out of the house much during last semester so Albert, Brian, Derrick, Henry, Jeff, and me went to the corner of 19 and Taravel to eat pho. Like a bunch of chumps, we stood out in the front, under the restaurant "cloth roof" (iono wut to call it) trying to decide what to do, cus the restaurant was weak. but it was arite, we went on a bus and went back to richmond for some quality food. Americana/Pho food for us, it was pretty good. we had fun reading the subtitles for some soap opera out loud in the restaurant. then we all attacked my homestead and played counterstrike throughout the day. I remember getting owned by albert's scout. ooh and brian was played piano, hes pretty good. then they each left one after another and now i am alone. bored. i want to get my license soon so i can just drive around if im bored.

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