Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You Don't Look Like You Sing

Have you ever heard a song on the radio and have a mental construction of what the singer looks like, only to find out later that the singer looks completely different than what you had in mind?

Wrong Ethnicity
For example, one of the first ones for me was back in highschool when I heard Paperboy - Ditty.  I totally thought it was an Asian rapper for some reason.  Probably because Viet Rap was all the rave back then.  Does anyone agree with me though?  I swear it was Paperboy's sort of higher-pitched, softer rapping style plus the minimally produced backtrack.  Reminded me of the poor quality self-produced azn rap songs. no? maybe this was a bad example. In any case.

Wrong Gender
How about Nick Pitera?

Yeah, it's a little bit different with video, but if you had your eyes closed you wouldn't doubt it was a girl singing.  Pretty damned impressive.  Props.

Just Plain Wrong
This post came about because of a song by Tracy Chapman - Fast Car that I heard on 96.5 (Lite Rock Less Talk).  I've been listening to this song for years now thinking that it was some white dude in the country singing about wanting a new life, right?

ANNKKK wrong!  check the music video:

Little did I know, Tracy Chapman is a black woman!  That just blew my mind.  Whaaaaaaaaaat. I couldn't believe it, I got both the gender and ethnicity wrong on this one. Nonetheless, it's a great song and great artist.

Wrong.. Species? 
haha just for fun, i'll throw this one in.  Ever heard of Vitas? Skip to about 1 minute. 

Doesn't it remind you of the Diva from The 5th Element?!

Honorable Mentions: 

Charice Pempengco - Little girl sounding like a grown ass woman
Lin Yun Chun - Boy sounding like a grown ass woman

So yea it's pretty interesting how dynamic or different people's vocal tone and range can be.  How do people, especially impersonators manipulate their vocal chords to sound like someone else?  Crazy. 

Terry Fator doing a puppet doing a woman's voice

Skills... so much skills!!

haha man i'm digressing, but here's the extent on vocal chord research we are currently at. LOL HAHAHA i can't get enough of this:

And this concludes my Youtube vomit


Tiana said...

Hometown China
Who you got, huh?!
It's the A.Z.N. betta recognize!

This blog was very pretty with all your links and screenshots :P

Tiana said...

p.s. that robot mouth is about the creepiest thing i've ever seen

Fishy said...

Honorable Mention: Any Robin Thicke song especially "Sex Therapy." And I agree with every single mental miscontruction!