Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Spreading the Miyavi Looove

My brother's been listening to mostly JRock and Visual Kei bands for the past few years, and I never knew what the fuss was about.  I mean there were some good X-Japan and LunaSea songs, but I never really went out of my way to listen to them.

Then he with my cousin to this Miyavi concert recently, probably their first one?  And I'm like who is this guy? I never heard of him, and shrugged it off.  Then a few days later I hear some funky junky guitar coming from the other room and found myself bobbing my head.  This shit was FUNKY, and I was really digging it.  Hey Wilton! who is this?  MIYAVI.

"God of Guitar"
Age: 28
and yep, he rocks, and he's always having fun doing it.

Man I love listening to funky music, and he also incorporates a lot of blues rock and rock guitar in there too.  I've browsed through some of his other songs, and they all have a different feel to them.  He draws from all kinds of musical styles and elements and FUNK. 

I wish I was at the concert, he passed by SF on 6/15 and Portland on 6/19.

Tracks I'm currently Digging:
Miyavi - Survive : Rock Guitar style playing plus catchy rock vocals
Miyavi - Selfish Love : Funky Blues Rock Guitar, with bluesy vocals
Miyavi - Itoshii Hito (My Beloved One) : Acoustic Slow bluesy song
Miyavi - Are You Ready to Rock?:  This one is just fun! check the vid. 


Cora L. said...

WOW dude.

I bet he has calouses galore...


Not Wilton said...

His drummer bobo dancing to Miyavi beatboxing

Alex Thunderlips said...

He would be better if he didn't sing.

Fishy said...

I assumed whatever Wilton is into I will just shake my head against but Miyavi kinda rocks in that youtube video.