Sunday, July 11, 2010

belated-Breaking News!

belated and breaking cancel out, so it's just news.  Finally, I've found a name for my car!

(drumroll please)

Minimus Maximus

I was talking to T about her car "Tobi" and she told me Tobi was short for Tobias. haha so I just joked with myself (I do this all the time) and thought "hmm..well then Mini is short for....Minimus.....MINIMUS MAXIMUS (in a low baritone voice)".   success! 

And Minimus Maximus generates a whole slew of nicknames:  M n' M, Max, Maxi, Maxi Cab, Relaxi Maxi? (err.. probably not enough room for a massage table), Mini Maxi? (nah.. reminds me of a tiny woman's product).  Anyways you get the point.

On further note, the name seems more suited for the MINI's overgrown buffoon of a brother the Countryman:

I dono about this one MINI...acquired taste much?

Although an AWD MINI is pretty sweet, why must you SUV-ize everything!?

Thanks to Tobi (Gary's car jr.) for his inspiration


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Tiana said...
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Tiana said...

woo hooo!! i made it on your blog! and TOBI too!

Cora L. said...

your car is a walking oxymoron, i mean driving oxymoron. you should totally just name your car after me LOL

just kidding! unique name. im totally naming my next car REX lol

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