Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2 Talented

Just spreading some music around.  This guy, Matt Cab has been going around in the FB/Youtube-sphere and I just can't stop listening!  I'm not a Bieber fan, but here's Matt's cover of his song "Somebody to Love".

wow, he just owns the song, puts Bieber to shame.  When he sings in the higher register its oh so silky.  I remember back in highschool when he sang for the talent show, and I wish him success 'cus he's legitimately good.  Thanks Fishy for passing along the vid.

Then I went on the usual Youtube surfing and found a video of the guy 'Snuggles' who beatboxes for Matt.  He's beatboxing 'A milli' by Lil' Wayne.  Now, I am not only not a fan of Lil' Wayne, but I think he sucks ass.  However, Snuggles just makes the song sound siiiick. Check it out:

Oooh and there was another vid of Matt behind the scenes producing one of the tracks on his up and coming album Ryan Leslie style (or Han style).  


Fishy said...

I remember that talent show too and thinking the judges were shmucks because they didn't know how genius it was that he mixed all those songs together. That A cappella group totally did NOT deserve to win!

Cora L. said...

omg, he went to LHS?

thank you for sharing!!! I totally enjoyed it, that guy has more talent than drake, FOR SHIZZLES. I hate drake.