Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Future and TV Shows... Futurama?

Nope not Futurama, but I just finished watching the first episode of FlashForward and man, I am hooked now.  I tend to stray from dramas because I'm more of a comedy show kind of guy, but I heard good things about FF so I decided to try it out.  It kind of felt like watching Heroes for the first time when it was new and exciting (not cluttered and drawn out)!  Shows like this just intrigue you with something improbable, and your curiosity just sucks you in.  I hope the storyline doesn't fray into a billion different directions like what happened in Heroes, but so far so good.  It's about everyone in the whole world blacking out at the exact same time and......ok I have to leave it at that don't want to spoil :)

Ep 1 @ Hulu

Oh yea! Almost forgot.  John Cho is in it lol.  For some reason it always cracks me up when I see John Cho in things.  The dude is everywhere!  Nick and Norah, Star Trek, HIMYM.  I like the guy, but it just cracks me up.

Also caught a couple minutes of Community, pretty funny, but not sure if I'm gonna follow it yet.

Another Future related funny some Oregonian (yea that's what their called) friend of mine posted on his FB: 
The World of Tomorrow (If The Internet Disappeared Today)

My favorite are #14, #4, and of course, #1....damn you NUMBER 1!


Alex Thunderlips said...

watch 24. Heroes was good for the first season but then after that it just totally licked balls. the storyline got all messed up and they tried to do too much and left so many good subplots to pursue other ridiculous ones. i feel like i'm only trying to follow it because i've already invested so much time into it that i should continue.

on my list of new shows to watch:
modern family
catch up on seasons 3/4/5 of it's always sunny
big bang
office (i guess...)

by the way, I like 16 and 10 (link). i actually didn't understand #1 until now as i'm typing this so yes. 1 i also like.

Cora L. said...