Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Driving Log:

Snacks: Hot Cheetos, Apple-Os, Famous Amos Cookies (damn forgot to get baos!)
Drinks: Redbull, Cherry Coke. (hella needed it. Only had 6 hours of sleep due to festivities : )

Cop Sightings: 5 (there was one bridge that had two patrol cars side by side)
Mini Sightings: 2 (both on the bay bridge, I’m suddenly unique haha)
Mini to Cop Ratio: 0.40 (lost again)
# times Traction Control Saved My Ass: 4 (It was raining most of the drive. Only 2 minutes of light snowfall, phewf!)

Est. Miles Travelled: 576 miles (google)
Avg MPH: ~75
Max Speed: 91.9MPH
Est. MPG: 30.75
Est. Cost: $59.9 ($3.2/Gal)

Departed SF: 12:04PM
Stops Taken: 2
Arrived Corvallis: 8: 42PM
Travel Time: 8’38”

Birthday House party until 4AM? STILL GOT IT BABY


Cora L. said...

Dude, have you heard of diabetes??

Alex Thunderlips said...

I still can't believe I hella missed throwing that cookie. It wasn't even close. How embarrassing.