Sunday, March 14, 2010


HAH, I just thought of the title like RIGHT now.  Ain't it clever?


Anyways.. I was checking up on Kenneth after dinner to see what he was up to.  This is the cousin that tried to get me sick.  Yep he's a interesting dude that spends all of his time in his room either playing Starcraft or playing guitar.  But today, I walk into his room and theres mangled up colored square papers all over the place.

"What are you up to Kenneth?"
"I'm folding Origami."
(wow that's different)
"Check out my ninja star!!" *chucks it fullforce at me and it bounces off my head*
"Ow! that hurt what the hell Kenneth!" 

I picked up his work of art, and it was actually pretty cool.  a star made up of 5 dollar bills.  He also offers me some "french fries", which to my dissapointment were also made from paper.  I don't even like french fries! but my fatass still wanted to eat some.  We then started looking at this Origami website with everything from Cookie Monster to Tyrannosaurus (thank you spellcheck) Rex.  I got excited when i saw the Pegasus which was classified C for complex.

Kenneth was all like, thats hard man, what have you folded before?  I was like PSHH I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering bitch! I can do it! ..... I couldn't get past the 1st page before my square paper turned into a ball.  So we kept looking, couldn't even fold the Swan, so we kept looking.  Then we came across the "1-fold Stegosaurus" and busted up laughing:

 Do you see the Stegosaurus? haha

That was the first thing I was able to fold -_- ... baby steps.  baby steps.  By the end of it all though, I made something I was proud of!

Can you guess what it is? First correct answer in the comments um... gets to have it! hahaha

French Fries:

5 Dollar Ninja Star!

5 Dollar Origami Star - The most popular videos are here


Fishy said...

Big bird! Second, but I didn't want it anyways :P

Unknown said...

big bird niggaaaa

Anonymous said...

Shoot I forgot to put anonymous

D42 said...

I made this one here:

And it looks just like this: