Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Fantasy Woes

The playoffs have begun! To the winner go the spoils ($50 to 1st, $10 to 2nd)

Here are the regular season results:

$10 dollars each from these guys:
1. Dylan
2. Me
3. Drew
7. Hen
8. Joey
11. Dayfut

I somehow scratched and clawed my way to 2nd place!  I drafted horribly this time, employing a lot of old dudes on their last leg.  So out of the 13 guys I drafted, I now only have 5 originals. 

In the past two days, I lost two of my Rebound/Blocks workhorses to sprained ankles. Such bad luck.

Marcus Camby 

Tim Duncan

And I'm facing my buddy The Big Hens for the first week.  He's on a huge upswing so it's over for me! All that regular season work culminating to my team unraveling during the playoffs.  C'mon basketball gods


Cora L. said...

Are you.. making fun.. of my screen name... that can't just be pure coincidence..... CAN IT??

Chun Lick said...

haha i actually didn't do it conciously