Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kohl's and Parking Ticket

Yesterday I went out to Kohl's with Andrew and Andy and I overhear some kid whining as I was walking through the aisle.  As I walk closer...

kid:  wahhhh wahhh wahh
mom: stop that
kid: wahh wahhh
mom: stop that!
kid: wahh wahhh (i'm thinking stupid annoying kid)
mom: stop that shit! or i'll f*k you up!

oh my.  I was just flabbergasted, looking around to see if anyone else heard it.  I wanted to laugh but was kinda concerned for the kid. haha man crazy parenting.

Dodging a $150 bullet
At Kohl's I get a call from my brother: "Chad, mom's trying to move your car" What?? my mom doesn't drive stick.  bro: "yea some dpt guy is trying to ticket your car" (this is at like 8PM) I was like shit, no one in my house knows how to drive stick.  My mom panicks and rings the neighbor's door and he helps us move the car.  saved!

Apparently the DPT guy was being a dick too.  How the heck you gonna ticket me for "blocking the sidewalk".  There's enough room behind my small car for 3 wheelchairs side by side!! (ok maybe 2.5 as some people said).  My mom even asks if it's okay because the car is small, he takes a glance and makes some bs, "it's 2 inches too long."  He was watching my mom trying to move the car and hoping he would leave but he starts yelling :"if you don't move it in 15 seconds, i'm ticketing you for 150 bucks" What a cock.  But I bet it's some stupid neighbor that keeps calling these in.  We barely have had complaints for the 20+ years we've lived here, but recently our block has been getting a lot more of these citations.  What's the real law on this?

New Goal: teach mama to drive stick (she wants to learn)


Cora L. said...

It's the neighbor. F* your neighbors dude!!!

Can I watch, when you teach your mom how to drive stick?? LOL

Tiana said...

i believe the mom at kohl's was using a direct quote from chris brown.

boo SF parking tickets! poor chadillac the second

Alex Thunderlips said...

The city considers the sidewalk public property. Your own property line ends where you house ends. Technically you're parking on the sidewalk which is the City's property. My family got 6 or 7 of those tickets for parking on the driveway. Each of them were $100. The city needs to make some money. If you're going to teach your mom get a jalopy for her to practice. So I can practice too. BWAHAHA

Alex Thunderlips said...

Oh yea. If you want to learn exactly where your property line is you can call the city to get a map of property lines.

Anonymous said...

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