Tuesday, December 01, 2009

W's get another W!

Just came back from a Warriors game (Black Friday Deal) against the Pacers, and it was definitely a great time out!  The BF deal was you get a free "The City" Long sleeve with purchase of every ticket.  Awesome right?! ANNKKK! wrong. I swears we got scammed.  When we went to claim our shirts, they were like "Oh Sorry, we only have one size left.  XL" wtf?  I look back behind them and I see 3 unopened boxes of shirts.  Clearly they did this promotion to get rid of their XL's that weren't selling (MSRP $25).  Oh well, at least we won!

Scammed!(unless you're a giant)

First 2 quarters was a drag.  The Pacers had solid defense and scoring while we struggled with wild offense that wasn't going in and minimal defense.  Good thing Monta Ellis lit the fire and by the end of the 3rd quarter, EVERYBODY's shots were going in.  When they made their run, I totally forgot I was sick!  Congrats to Ellis for his career best 45 points! He's a beast. 

Favorite Moments:
  • Listening to the Nosebleed Coaches behind us: "GO READ A BOOK! FUNDAMENTALS! INTELLIGENCE!" ahaha, those guys definitely make it an experience
  • Downing a whole tray of Nachos to myself to avoid cross contamination (delicious, but probably not a good Flu food tho)
  • Watching white people dance on the JumboTron lol
  •  Ellis taking over (Curry step it up! I need more stats! btw 3rd in my fantasy league now :D)
Oh yea, Curry has a blog that hes keeping all season to give you a look into a NBA Rookie's experiences.  It's pretty interesting reading about the new freedom he has and kicking it at Lebron's pad.  It gives a good human perspective of the life of an athlete. This kid's got it made!


Cora L. said...

Yeah I was at the gym that evening, and on the elliptical for an HOUR of sports recaps - they kept going back to ELLIS !!! I should have gotten a Monta jersey... damn me LOL

Fishy said...

No way, I think the other line was better "This is not a Nike commercial, it's about the fundamentals, man"