Monday, November 30, 2009


Since there was no Friday Thanksgiving Dinner, Henry invited me and Gary over for some Pho.  Damn it was good.  It rekindled my love for Pho (that Pho Garden took away).  I felt like going out tonight so I went with Gary to drink with his co-workers.

Cairo Nights

The first stop was Cairo Nights, a Hookah bar that is BYOB and food!  I only hookah'ed once in Bangkok and it was a great experience for me. Cairo Nights was another great, yet different experience.  When you walk in you immediately get greeted by Khalid, the energetic and friendly owner of the bar.  I was a bit confused by the BYOB because there's a sign on the door saying "Alcohol Prohibited".  Anyways, we have a beer and a wine on the table and Khalid comes by with: "No alcohol allowed!"  and "Bring your drinks to the back" all in one breath.  At the bar, he gives us coffee cups with lids and tells us to pour our drinks into them.  Haha, how awesome is that?  It was kinda like a secret speakeasy kinda deal. We had a lot of fun drinking, hookahing and blowing smoke bubbles.  I would definitely be back again with friends! Such a great and inexpensive night out.

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Cora L. said...

AHAHHAHAHAHAH that's so ghetto, it reminds me of the karaoke places that "prohibit alcohol" but let you pour your vodka into empty water bottles... it's cool, but ghetto as hell