Thursday, February 06, 2003

man i hate the cold. i have to wear 2 sweatshirst or else i break out in a snezing frenzy. today in the hallways i achooed 5 times in a row, violent earth shattering ones. Its kinda embarassing and it makes my eyes water like crazy. I wanna breathe dust without sneezing!! arite school is just the same thing so i move on to the after school. Me and Andy bus it to my house, then he stole my divxes then we went to the playground, to play bball. then i came home and i eat dinner and fall asleep. end of story. oh ya i got a 3.5->3.83. I am happy, i am content, but then theres still this semester and next semester and SATs so im not content. it is cool how i got A for pang. i twot i got a B. but nope, it is good. ooo and i see that i got all E's for citizenship, i wonder if colleges look at that. a 4.0 for citizenship

Saturday, February 01, 2003

Id like to say, happy chinese new years to all!!
red red red all these red envelopos!!
yay i been lookin forward weekends, and now it is a weekend
bens bragains!!! free st. pauli girl poster
and the finale:
I win