Sunday, March 20, 2005

this here, is the picture of the century! thank you angel for drawing it for me!! its very cute! and u are an artiste! :D i shall see you very soon!

Friday, March 18, 2005


for you
im sorry hungry, for zoning out.. i dont noe why i do that, computers are evil! i will try not to use computers that much.. except for webcamming! yuh! i think im a much better phone person if i just sit somewhere..

i don't like staying here for so long, it dulls me.. but its also finals week.. so that may explain the dulling.. its coo that i have a cool roomie but a lot of times i have a feeling i want to be home. i just like the feeling of my house. u noe u been there all ur life. sometimes you just sit down and think of all the things that went on there. seriously. its really soothing. I dont think i can ever part with my home. i hope we dont have to sell it or anything. well not never, just it would be hard ya noe.

and more importantly i miss spending time with angel.. on the weeks that im at school thats what i look forward to at the end of the week.. it kind of gets me through the week, u noe work hard during the week so i can the most time i can with her, THAT is happiness :D

i would like to thank my parents and my family for giving me all that i got. no matter what i do, they got my back. thats a great feeling.

heh wuts with all this deepness? iono just stuff i think about hah

Thursday, March 17, 2005




















Which religion is the right one for you? (new version)
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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

(image from a great site)


Congratulations to Angel for her acceptance into UC Davis!!! and also congratulations to all others who got their acceptances :D

man i gotta admit i was pretty anxious about it.. feeling like last year again hehe
anyways, I will not pressure her to make her decision, she can go anywhere she wishes!

*peer pressure* *peer pressure* *peer pressure*
har har har

Monday, March 14, 2005

Today, I was taking a nap starting at 10, and at around 12 some facko jerkwad started yelling shit in the courtyard like he was the man or something. he was not the man. he pissed me and anfernee off cus we were sleeping. anfernee told me to tell him shut the f--- up, so being groggy and grumpy, i did! now i usually like to hold my temper, but letting it out like that felt good.

Word of advice: to release stress, tell someone to STFU

Treeshrub Posted by Hello

wants to you blogger cus its awesome

Well, I am blogging because i just posted a comment on henrys blogger and it was quick and easy! so gooddd.. well i am in the middle of the longest davis stay of my life... 15 days!! crazy stuff.. cus its finals week. I have exactly the correct amount of underwear to last me through this given that I do take a shower everyday... so i don't have to use the school laundrys that cost me a buck fifty! now about socks.. i think i dont have enough.. but i have the perfect plan.. i will go barefoot for some days!

Finals week! plenty of time to study for chem.. i must get an A, i dont noe wheres this obsession with A's has come from, but i want to own.. u noe what i mean? then community final.. i got C in the class so far.. damn im wishing for a B.. i mean the first half of the semester was hecka bad.. all these different definitions of community.. it was all BS and confused the fooze outta me.. now its talking about urban development, which is kind of interesting because it isnt rambling crap that sounds like the same thing over and over again.

i just want to have spring break to do watever! like chill with buddies! and super buddy angel!

recently I've been watching UFC vids again.. go royce gracie! crazy jiu jitsu.. altho thats old school.

and i found something I want for myself! and my spirit --> awesome ..
you noe why?? cus my car is so cool it doesnt have a CD player..and many have
suggested using a tape converter thinger.. BUT it doesnt have that either..
because it is so cool! so i can use this to send to radio woot.. too bad its
sold out :(

good night.. i need my 4 hours of sleep