Friday, April 15, 2011

So This Is How it Feels

To win the lottery!!!

Ok I didn't, but it feels like it.  I don't even know how to act right now.  In shock. 

Thanks to everybody who joined forces and kept their fingers crossed.  

ah maa, ngo duk joh lah!
I did it! woooooooooooooooo

What next? plane tickets to ___, take family out, take family out, take friends out, take a time out (breathe) ,take friends out, take family out, rince rinse* repeat

*Note to self: Start reading and writing proper English again, you're going to need it. Fool.

Romance of a Long Night

This song is my favorite Chinese song of all time. Sung by Andy Lau 刘德华, called Romance of a Long Night 长夜多浪漫。 I finally decided to actually learn it, because I had no idea what he was singing about. I thought it was about a guy spending a great night connecting with his girl, but thats completely wrong haha. After a few hours of google translate, I found out the meaning of the song. It's about a guy that just got left by his girl, and he's coping with it. Telling himself that it's not the end of the world, he doesn't feel grief and he's happy for his newfound independence. And he's taking it all in by spending a quiet night by himself under the romantic stars. coolcool

I couldn't find any translations or pronunciations for this song on line, so this has got to be the first! I dedicate this translation and phonetic writeout to my two cousins Dyshlong and Dayfut. For their similar undying love for the movie Truant Heroes, from which we all first fell in love with this song. And! also to anyone that wants to learn some cantonese :)

Gu don dik yut mon don ying tzon lan
It's a lonely yet beautiful night

妳去了我 卻心不冷
Ley huy liu ngo cup sum but lang
You've left me, but my heart is not cold

陪著我走 總有心裡空間
Puy jerk ngo jow, jong yao sum lei hung gon
The thing that accompanies me, is the freedom (space) in my heart

這麼的一晚 自由懶慢
Je mo dik yut mon, jee yao lon mon
On this night, feeling independent and carefree

Ngoi huy liu ngo yi ging but won
Love has gone, but I'm fine (let go already)

寧願看星 怎會孤單
Ling yuen hon sing, jum wuy gu dan
Rather look at the stars, how can I be lonely (stars are keeping me company)
(1st time continue to A2)
(2nd time jump to B2)

Teen hong see ching lahng
The sky is clear and briskly cold

但我心 偏感覺溫暖
Don ngo sum been gum gok wun luen
But my heart feels a warmth

Yun moot lei moot yao shuen
There's no pain living without you

Moot yao gum gok ngoi yuen
Not feeling any sadness

Cherng ye doh long mon
In this long night, there's much romance (referring to the stars and his peace?)

Chong ya yao deem but guan
A little not used to it

喜歡 這心空間 仍是冷
Hei foon je sum hong gon, ying see lang
Enjoying this freedom (space) in my heart, even though it still feels cold

Cherng ye doh long mon
In this long night, there's much romance

Lei huy liu je yut mon
You've left this night

喜歡 這心空間
Hay foon je sum hong gan
Enjoying this freedom (space) in my heart
(1st time continue)
(2nd time go to last line C)

Sui yuen yi lay la gou ching
Who will want your old feelings?

Joy gao ngo sum jok gum
Of which would teach my heart to 'cocoon'
(Go to A1)

Jao buy see wun luen
This wine glass is warm

Joy ngo sum jow but doh je yuen
In my heart, I'm not finding sadness

Ming yut lei yu? joy fon
If you came back to me tomorrow

Mei wuy yun lei goy been
Won't mean I would change my heart for you
(Go to B1)

Yeet ngoi jeen lang
Warmth of our Love has become cold. 
(Repeat B1)

2-Peat Baby!

The NBA regular season has just wrapped up, which means this years Fantasy BBall is over and who's the champ? Yours Truly! Man it feels great to win it two years in a row.  This year was much more fun for sure because:

  1. It was way more engaging playing in a stacked 14 team league (54 vs 13 moves)
  2. I knew everybody in the league this year, which made for better smack talking, pride stealing
  3. Lastly, I get $crilla for winning :)
Now what am I gonna spend my free time on?  Yea.. seriously I spent way too much time on this damned game. But it's addicting man.  I didn't draft well, so I was scrounging for the best of the scraps all season.  Which was fun, especially when you find that hidden gem! But really, it doesn't do any good in the real world.  Whatevs.  I got my internet picture of a trophy to keep me warm at night
 What the F Yahoo, where's my '10 trophy??
Season Summary (warning fantasy nerd things ahead): 
Strategy: Just mad stats and researching.  Best time to find a gem?  Trades and injuries that give opportunities to the sleepers. 
Yahoo! Matt Buser Fantasy articles are solid. 

Rotoworld's Headlines are probably the most frequently updated on Player statuses
CBS Sports Fantasy Site: The Most Viewed tab shows the recent hottest players (most added, most dropped)
The Final Five: Out of 13 original draftees, only 5 remained:  Chauncey Billups, Tim Duncan, Kevin Durant, Mo Williams (??), Dorell Wright.
Best Draft Sleeper: Dorell Wright aka DWrightWay.  3's, rebounds, steals, assists, blocks he can do it all!
Mr. Reliable: Kevin Durant aka Durantulla aka Velvet Hoops of course.
Best Mid Season Pickup: Marcin Gortat aka Polish Hammer.  Damn he's gonna be hot next season. Great work ethic, consistent center.  72% FT's too
Late Season Stars: Jerryd Bayless and Jordan Crawford definitely beasted it for the last few weeks.  Couldn't have done it without them.
Pivotal Trade: JJ Hickson!  Thank you to Joey for taking Vince Carter off my hands for him.  I feel bad.  I definitely wouldn't have won without JJ getting enough boards to build Noahs Ark.
Notes for next season: Don't fall in love with a player (see Jamal Crawford, Roddy B, Shane Battier). and especially, Don't fall in love with an injured player (see Camby, Mo Williams, Yao Ming?!). 
Playoffs Recap:  
  • 1st round faced off with my buddy H, it was close till the end.  I panicked cus I lost Camby and Duncan.  But my team pulled through (Jordan Crawford)
  • 2nd round faced off with my buddy AL,  craaazy close. I won by 2 turnovers! If he had benched 1 or 2 players, he would have won. 
  • Finals faced off against a guy named More Poop On You.  Crazy close again.  I won by a few steals and like .008% FG (thats probably like 5-8 shots difference).  He was dealt a bad hand with Boston sitting three of his allstars twice in the last week.  
So this win was pretty lucky.  but I'll take it! Good game to everyone that played, especially those that played for money.  I hope there will be more in the pot next year! 

Please no Lockout, and go Warriors.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Girl Walks Into a Bar

Yesterday night, I had mad insomnia from thinking about my recent job interview.  I've been trying to temper my expectations so that I can keep my sanity through these 'couple weeks'.  When someone asks about it, my mind gets giddy again and goes bonkers!  Don't worry guys, I will definitely let ya'll know when I get the news :)

I was so energetic at 2AM that I decided to watch that free Youtube flick: Girl Walks Into a Bar.  I never really had any intention of watching it, but I am glad I did.  The trailer didn't give away much, and that's how I like it.  I watched the 10 clips version, and after every clip I wanted more.  Just like reading a book.

It was entertaining dialogue, good acting, but I couldn't get over how ravishing* the 39 year old lead actress Carla Gugina was!  Did I mention she was 39?  Ok, it was more of her 'tude that caught my attention, but you can't say she's not a looker.  Same with Rosario Dawson.  At first glance, I didn't think she was that pretty.  But the way she talks, oozing with charisma is what gets ya.

Check out her swagga freestyling with Youtuber Destorm:
(dont be intimidated by the 9 minutes, when you click play it'll jump to the right part)

Damn, I think I got a crush on Rosario Dawson

*I always hesitate when using 'ravishing' because it sounds like ravaging, and I've heard people use ravenous before haha.  So I googled it: (Sourced:

"Which brings us to “ravish": meaning to rape, or rob violently" Wait, what? did I use it wrong?

"To confuse matters, people began back in the fourteenth century to speak metaphorically of their souls being “ravished” by intense spiritual or esthetic experiences. Thus we speak of a “ravishing woman” (the term is rarely applied to men) today not because she literally rapes men who look at her but because her devastating beauty penetrates their hearts in an almost violent fashion." Haha, the bold part cracked me up.  But phewf, ravishing's the right word.