Saturday, June 22, 2002

yesterday i found these ---- ATP3 3PC SPEAKER SYSTEM (BLACK) 18WATT SUBWOOFER/6WATT SATELLITES and i bought it!!! yayy... hahah subwoofer AND fast DSL what could be better? oh maybe a good nites sleep!! damnit... i slept at 12 and woke up around 4-5 and i couldnt fall asleep again so after a long time of tossing and turning, i got up at 6... ooh shit... i have SAT class for 2 hours, then i have drivers training.. i could fall asleep at the wheel and crash!! !!!!.. ladies and gentlemen.. please stay indoors today between 11:30-1:30 if u value your life :)
im too excited.. maybe its cus of
1. my faster DSL
2. my Subwoofer
3. had too much fun with CAM
4. cousins are comin throughout this week.. (4 of them) n staying for a month
5. drivers training tmw
6. here is my wakeup pic

Friday, June 21, 2002

hahaha 150kb dl!!! ooo brian sent me his wakeup pic and this is mine today :)

send me your wakeup pics!!! i want a whole collection !!!

oh yea my report card is ----- CABBAAA.... damn geooo

Thursday, June 20, 2002

today i went to henrys house to his LAN... it was cool!!! and when i came home i found out that my download cap is raised from ~300 to 1215 !! ooo sickkkk... yea hella excited.. .. ... .. . . . .. . i went to eat americana ... good food bacon cheeseburger.. i wanna have lan at my house toooo.. heh this is what i look like when i woke up today

Saturday, June 15, 2002

haa i went driving training and it was sure fun... the instructor was hilarious he kept on talking on the fone with his buddies and saying diew and puk guy.. haha and he yeld at old ladies on the street. "mm ho kay gum kun la a mo" (dont stand so close old lady). haha and he muttered to himself when there were black kids there.... "sei hok gwai, ley seurng sei meh?" (stupid black kid.. u wanna die or sumthin?)hahahaha yea... i went to downtown and freeway and some place cesar chavez... it was great.... i kept on going too fast.. and i dint brake as good because i was sick and my mind was shot... great....
im about to go drive now... but before I part, i shall share my California DMV written tests with you... for those who read my blog... here is ur reward!!! you wont be able to DL it by clicking on it so right click and click save target as.....
i just finished watching saving private ryan... its a pretty good movie.. i like the action stuff. The drivers training instructer called me today and said i was going to drive at 3:30 today... woow im kinda nervous cus im not sure im ready but eh.. i got nervous cus prolly i had so many dreams of myself driving a car but then i was crashing all over the place..i feel like i wont be able to control the car or react fast enuff.. like whne i play video games.. i think itll turn out arite.. peace V

Friday, June 14, 2002

um.... feel lazy to blog alluva sudden.. lets see i play lil bit Counter-Strike but then i suck now so i liek to play starcraft but i suck too but i think im getting lil bit better.. i play basketball these days too.. been a while.. and we went bike riding .. it was fun wit andrew and brian.. then today i went again wit andrew gary and andy.. it was fun zooming around... but hills are sux... ooh i slept over at garys hose and he showed me some photoshop making.. and wehn i woke up at 8 i dont noe why i woke up than early i juss did... so i opened up his adobe photoshop and made this!!!

pretty slick eh..? i like to play with liquid.. and EMBOSS!! haha.. lets see... oh yea i dled roadtrip, legally blonde, and saving private ryan in DIVX format... its hella cool... yay free movies... now i want more.... bandwidth!!!!

Monday, June 10, 2002

hello my fello readers....... i slept at 2 AM today and woke up at 8 AM to play basketball with my friends.. it was pretty fun ... the last game i did ok in the beginning but then i got a little tired and i didnt try ne more (sorry andy) we were leading 15-10 but in the end andrew and alex beat us 17-15 because he went super.then on... i went to andrews house with alex and we have fun watching basketball stuff until it got kinda boring so i leave and come home... i found my arms pretty red cus i wore sleeveless.. ow

Saturday, June 08, 2002

i went to SAT class today,,, yay! gary is in it too now... now its less boring.. afterwards i go get my new glasses as u can see above.. they are l33t cus they have sunglass magnet attatch things yea.woo hooo no more broken glasses (andy >{.... ) hah. then we got burger king and as of now i am eating heh.... im eating, dont bother me :)
yea... i got my english final and i got a c+/b-...i got a B in that class tho, that made me happy.... but the teacher wrote "Chunlick, Many ESL errors spoil your sequel. Read this summer to improve vocabulary and syntax".... man i suck now... im doing hella bad in math and english... this is gona screw me up... i needa stop being lazy man... yea so i have to read this summer... does ne one have ne suggestions?? ne great books u have read?? please im me if u do .... thank

i saw star wars 2 today and the second part of the godfather.. wow i see so many movies... den i went home to find my dsl down..>[ rahH!!! it was like that untill 11 something today man this suckearawowifeoafij but now it is good.. tmw i have SAT english class. yay

Friday, June 07, 2002

hello readers, i woke up at 1 o clock today, well yesterday. i took a shower and i smelled something like sweat.... i thought i smelled really bad so i put on extra soap, but when i got out, it was worse,, i got angry and started yelling at myself(im kinda grumpy int the morning) it turns out that my grandparents were making dumplings and they cut up trays of onions and chives, stank up the whole house.... at least today i got to eat cereal ... i didnt noe wut i was gonna do today cus i didtn go to school, but luckily andy came and we csed for a bit, he ate cereal, then henry came, and we csed s'more... then i watched harry potter dvd... then andy left... then me and henry went to henrys house to watch godfather... but first we watched star wars 1... godfather is hella good movie... its not boring and has a good story.... but i only saw 1/6 of it...i wonder wut im gonna do this summer... im kinda still too young to work.. all job applications say 16 years of age .. eh!

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

i am waking up at 930 today because my first class is at 12 10, i wanted to eat rice krispies but my grandpa used up all the milk!!! so i made myself noodles. the noodles were good and i put leftover oxtail and potatoes in it.. but i microwaved the oxtail and potatoe for only 25 seconds,, hellla cold. eh i never know what to put for the time.

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

yesterday i played bball and i had a black guy on my team. he pass hella hard so it stubbed my thumb hella bad. i heard a crack and i couldtn move it for like a minute .. it was hella numb. well, now i no how useless your hand is without your thumb. i cant use my thumb cus ne pressure i put on it, it hurts like a mother. i cant even hold a tube of toothpaste. it is my left hand, but its still an inconvenience. ... i cant even practice violin!! darn wut a bummer.. (heh heh heh) now off to csing
damn its hard to alt+tab now ;)

Monday, June 03, 2002

I had my geo final today, it was pretty easy in the beginning but at the end there were some hella long variable problems but i think i got at least a b hopefully.

damn... after school, i was going back to my locker and i had a sombrero (from chinese skit) wit me and these 3 fagoot white guys from another school were messin wit ppl and they sed hey! thats our hat! and of course i sed no its mine. and then they grabbed it and surrounded me at my locker and one took my marker and they saying all this crap like "u a tagger?" "we gonna beat ur ass" (he was holding a broom? fucking janitor) and i was hella pissed i sed "wut the fuck are u doin" and the leader guy told them to gimme back my stuff and they went on messin wit uther ppl..... hella pissed.. stupid ass idiots.. juss cus they in a group o 3 they feel all tuff and shit fucking fags... too bad i was alone.

Sunday, June 02, 2002

man i had a weird dream... it dont make sense. neways the only part i remember is i went with some ppl to tacobell/kfc near our school (we dont have one near our school) i remember lawrence and henry there. and they were eating some nasty shit from school beanery and i went to get a grilled stuft burrito from taco bell but the service was bad and i was 20 minutes late to school but i still waited and then they gave it to me and it was hella nasty looking and then i woke up.

i went to rehearse a chinese skit and partner house.. she have damn nice house but no dsl. i start study for my geo test at 10 o clock.. oh yea brian sent me a video thing showing a russian get his head cut off.. ahH!!! whoa that stuff is real mind strainer. i didnt noe wut to feel. but o well i have to study. and . after tomoroow i will relax ( lax again) because woohoo summer !!!!!. oh yea i put a guestbook for my fans to type in yes/

Saturday, June 01, 2002

oh wait im not gonna shit.. it was all gas.. i think im gonna sleep
im gonna type short phrases because i am tired. i go andys house. have g00t times with scooter and vball. eat food. my stomach is farting. he has cool gun called usp. it has a orange tip. i git shot three times in the chest. i am dead except it was bb gun so i am alive. i see ppl play ddr and i saw rat race. rat race is fun. ow my stomach hurts. im gonna shit . oh eya i had 15 inch shit this morning. i going sleep now. ohyea we had clan match. i think the maps were uneven. pbpbpbbpbppbpbb .. i gotta go
i am starting to blog because it is nice to do something when you have nothing to do