Monday, April 25, 2005

Volunteer Journal #2

Well due to the star testing schedule changes, and my inability to wake up, I had to get from my dorm to the school in like 10 minutes!!! i made it just in time. good thing for the practice from biking to orchestra twice a week phew...

today they had grammar practice again.. man i feel bad because I don't know how to explain that stuff.. i just do what sounds right haha.. and sometimes i'm wrong.. sigh.. college student dont know basic grammar. cus Yoong asked me how to tell between has had and have, and most of the time, have and had can be interchangeable! and I never even use 'had' as a helping verb. well i tried my best and i couldnt explain it to Yoong.

It seems the two kids that I talked to from last time are not as shy anymore. ice broken! yea i was surprised that Yoong continued to ask me for help even when i couldn't help him on his helping verbs. so I read his essay, and helped him correct it. overall, it was good, but there were some stuff like verb tense and word choice. heh he kept spelling disasters disater, and i said hah u need a lot more s's in there and went ssss..... and he laughed! man im good.

Justin was very quick with his work, after a little bit he took out a book and started reading, and then he just sat there. i thought: perfect opportunity to learn more about these kids! we were just talking about what he does on his free time. basically what i used to do, sit home on the internet for long periods of time and occasionally go out with friends, but not too far because of no car. He is Korean, and I was wondering if any of his parents were working at UCD. apparently his dad also works at UCD, and it seems like a lot of the kids have a parent or parents working as a professor at UCD. Maybe some have students at UCD. So these kids have similarities in that their parents are in the professional field. Probably part of immigrants who are in the professional/technical/education group.

He continued talking saying that he was born in New York, and i was surprised to hear that because I thought he might have come from Korea or something. but he did go back to korea when he was 3 years old and came back just 3 months ago! wow. he was pretty good at English too, seeing that he finished so quickly and I could carry a conversation with him pretty well. I didn't notice any distinct accent. but the problem he faced was that it was very hard to make friends. i asked him why. one word: language. I guess even if you know english, there are certain cultural terms that might seem like another language. He also told me that he can't find anything in common to talk about. He is going back to Korea for Christmas this year. It seems that he travels a lot, so there is a lot of adjusting to do. I guess the term to explain it is that he is having trouble "assimilating" and that he is a "transnational migrant" basically, or at least he is "transnational" because he was born in the states. It was good talking to him, and I think he opened up more because unlike last time, he asked me questions too. It reminds me of my personality.

In the beginning, the teacher asked if anyone did anything interesting or fun this weekend. One girl said she went shopping! and one korean boy, Jake, said his mom came back! so that his whole family was here, mom, dad, sister and him. she is staying for a week. I believe she travels back and forth from korea. that must suck to have missing parent all the time.

oh! there was also one smart looking kid who always finishes first that was also from korea! i thought he was chinese... well he was talking to this latin? kid sergio about studying. he studied 12 hours in Korea!! well kids exaggerate to brag, cus sergio says he never studies and gets 90-100. but it gives a hint of how life was like in korea.

in conclusion:
it seems there is a majority of korean americans in davis whos parent/parents work at UCD. The problems the kids face is assimilation through language barriers and travelling back and forth. Maybe the parents are able to be there as much because they are working or travelling. The kids are good kids, and they will talk if they are talked to more. I think it takes a while to warm up and build confidence because they are worried about not being able to communicate with others.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

caL75x: blog bitch

caL75x: blog bitch
iCH adWi c kEdi: lol wth i blogged frequent enough
iCH adWi c kEdi: im working on my fizzix
caL75x: bitch go blog
caL75x: dont talk back to me

whoa whoa whoa now.. friends since like 4/5th grade and this is how he treats me? what is this, a fad to force me to blog and refer to me as their bitch? crazy! maybe because I am not mean enough, but if i become meaner i wont be pushed around like this!

I am eating my late night cereal! yay!

@*#*#@##@*&@$ YOU WILL DIE BIZZNITCH!!


what now!! whahah
k i have to study for physics quiz

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

new ping pong game

i came across a bettter ping pong game!
yayyy procrastination now!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


^A video game I was playing to soothe addictive cravings.^

sorry for the boring post at first, dont read it seriously. It's just to keep track so i can type my 3-5 page things.

so I was sitting in my dorm room and i hecka wanted to play ping pong, damned that game is fun. i was like watching ping pong videos and reading ping pong tips like a fool! a damned fool! i even grabbed my triangular highlighter like a paddle and hit my stuffed shrunken head guy around.

slam that shizz biznatch.

so yea, everyone needs to start playing ping pong, so i can have someone to play with.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Volunteer Journal #1

Well the reason that I am posting today is because I am doing the volunteer project for my Asian American Studies class. This is to avoid the damn 2 5-7 page research papers, and just volunteer, and use my bs skills to churn out 2 3-5 pages. Fair trade? maybe. I'm guessing the volunteer might even help my resume.

So today I walked into Ms. Smith's ELL class, ( I don't know if this is the same as ESL). Looking across the room, the ethnicities of the kids were pretty diverse, not only Asian so I though, "interesting, i am not sure how to right about Asian American experiences if there are not even that many Asians in there to begin with." Oh well, maybe I can do a compare contrast thing. The kids were all drawing and coloring some space design thing and looked like they had no trouble. I asked the teacher what I was supposed to do and she said that I should just dive in and ask if the kids needed help. Me being the shy keeping to myself guy was sort of reluctant. But what the heck.

So I just walked to a chinese kid (yea I felt like I was discriminating because I was picking ethnicities to better suit my project needs) and asked his name. Leon then proceeded to draw his planets. I was pretty amazed because they were very realistic looking, with Jupiter or Saturn having the unique cloud pattern that it has. He then pointed at each one, naming them in order with ease. I felt dumb because I wouldn't have been able to do it. He told me he liked astronomy. Hey thats cool, only in middle school and knowing what is your favorite. He then proceeded into telling me that his dad was a biologist. I asked if he thought biology was boring, and he said yep. This kid was pretty bright and well-spoken. He then asked me if I came from UC Davis. Apparently his father works there as a professor. haha, maybe if I take biology I can get bonus points! hah. well, he was from the earlier class so class ended in like 5 minutes.

Next class, we were working on grammar. I looked at the sheet but didn't know how to teach the kids. I mean, I knew how to fill in the blanks, but that pronoun and adverb stuff, I don't know how to really explain or analyze it with those terms. All I ever did was just put whatever sounded right. I never really had a teacher who drilled me on these. I noticed one Asian guy, Justin, was writing a paragraph about watching Dave Chapelle... awesome. I like to watch that too! So I started talking to him, it seemed like I was bothering him. He reacted like how I would have reacted. Answering in short phrases, not carrying conversation. But it was cool. Then I sat there for a while watching the kids speed through the worksheet. I noticed a kid with an electronic dictionary, so I went over to him. His name was pronounced "Yoong" that is not how you spell it, but I'm pretty sure its a Korean name. He was a nice kid, but shy like Justin (I think hes korean too, cus his last name is Kim). Answered in short phrases, while eating his cookie.

Behind him sat a kid that was.. either Latino or European.. he told me about how he made his brother shoot soda through his nose. He was very talkative. There were a couple of talkative kids that spoke freely, regardless of their ethnicity. However, I was wondering if their backgrounds correlated with one another. The stereotype that asians keep to themselves is not true. Leon was not shy, a kid with glasses in the next class was not shy (both asian). On the other hand, some of the "white" kids did not speak much, but I could notice it was mostly because of a language barrier. They had a heavy accent and that probably contributed to the lack of talking.

The other volunteers were older than me. I talked to Mike and John, but the girl I didn't talk to. Mike (senior)came to the US when in 1998, and he graduated high school in 2001. He told me he got beat up and learned "sailor talk" but he fought back. Interesting. Maybe he was kind of kidding because he liked to joke around. I talked to John (Junior) about the class, and what we were going to write about. He did not know the first paper was due this Thursday. He was in engineering too but switched to managerial economics. He told me a lot of people switch that way, I wonder if I would too haha.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

hentai 0 n e: go blog bitch

what is this hostility? I thought we were friends! since 2nd grade, we have been close... same classes.. same schools.. rivals in spelling.. and now he is in berkeley.. i am in davis.. does this mean he can call me a bitch? i am not going to take this! hahah jpjp henry rawks, means lot to me.. u all do, all my buddies.. goddang who would i be without you guys. i think i coulda been some closed off ultra shy dude that never saw daylight! im still a shy person, but hey, big difference. so yah its not just that, so many good times, good memories, u PMS guys made me laugh the hardest so fackin funny!

last weekend i got to go bowlin with andy alex and henry! it was good to be out, just tossing rocks at the floor. lol for the first few frames, i was liek why is the floor so sticky?? and i kept tripping and throwin it all weird. then on like the 5th frame, i heard them all laugh and i turned around and saw my bowling shoes still sitting there, not being worn. foolishness... yea it was fun, sometimes i wish i went to a school with at least one of the PMS guys, but whatever. Its great when we chill.

last last weekend I got to play bball with andrew perry and gary! hey thats like the other half haha it was good seeing them. shooting hoops, laughing at andrews impressions and shit haha crazy! i realized something, a good portion of my family says i got fatter. and i think andrew and andy said that too. haha i guess its true, college does make u fatter. i think i gained my 15 :P

arite time to sleep