Thursday, December 12, 2002

my damn damn!! why do all the teachers pile all these deadlines right before the break??? do they want us to kill our selves?? jeeezz... these past days i havent seen ne friends much out of school, so stressful. and especially the chinese teacher, all of a sudden we have to do this comic that i worked 6 hours on. all of a sudden we have to turn in a character book that contains 2,700+ characters. all of a sudden we have a final test on all the stuff we learned from Chinese 1-3 with 100 characters. poop.

man, my house is so dirty cus ive never had to do chores. It juss piles and piles and piles.. and rarely vacuum. So all this dust and allergens accumulate causing my nose to release histimines by the gallons and i go on sneezing frenzies!! at least 5 times in a row every time... dammn i hate it it makes me feel so messed up.. one minute i feel perfectly healthy.. then another minute i feel miserable.. tomorrow is my chinese "final" i guess and after that! i dont have to go to math tutor today so i go kiq it at andys house!!!
woohoo!!! ill relax like a maniac!! i havent been to the great house in over month or more. itll be great

anyone wanna proofread my US HISTORY termpaper? i noe it sux cus i did it late at night early in the mornin... but its wut i produce mfer! but yea for real, if u go the time and wanna read it, its only 5.5 pages... and itll help me lots! thx! maybe it could boost me out of my current 'B' bracket in US. thx for ur time

i am outside

Friday, December 06, 2002

ahhh awoke from a 3.5 hour nap at 11 from 7:30. I really needed to sleep, i shoulda slept earlier, maybe wehn i got home form the playground, but i thought i should finish my hw first and sleep at like 8 to morning. But it seems that my procrastinant self has taken control. It is 1230, and i havent started yet. Eh, i only really have one assignment so its ok. I can even do it tmw at school. But its a group thing so i dont wanna mess it up. check at Strong Bad its pretty funny, and it is leet as hell, oh the possibilities of flash animation.

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

success!! finished my first draft of stupid term paper
for tomorrow, i have to do a 2-3 page thing for yuan. no worries, ill BS that cus yuan is a mofo.
at school i have to study for chinese and math test...
i cant wait till winter break!!

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

yay, i dont have to turn in math hw tmw....
now i can focus on my term paper..
today after school I went with my mom to the main library to get more research books. She had like 7-10 teeth pulled out because they were bad, its kinda funny because her upper lip is jutting out like a character on Simpsons. So I kinda joked around with her with that, I'd say i have a pretty cool mom, good sense of humor and shes nice.
the research books will help me fill in the 7 pages i need, yes! I hope I can type fluidly so I can sleep maybe at 1. but i tend to get distracted, its hard for me to get a kick in the right direction for big projects.
haha when I came out of the library, I saw two homeless yelling at each other. I think its very interesting watching homeless yell at each other, dont u? well there was one homeless sitting near City hall on a stone slab, and this other homeless called him butthead. I couldnt hear the guy sitting down, but the other guy was RUTHLESS. haha he kept on saying f--k you u f--ker, ur sittin on my turf!, this is MY turf, you better back down!! mother f--ker. haha then he walked away a couple of feet then charged back at the other guy and yelled at him somemore. Too bad I had to leave, I dont noe what happened afterwards. THe quiet guy seemed like a newbie homeless, but the ruthless guy semmed like a veteran.
Oh yea, the sunset behind City Hall looked hella nice, i wanted to take a picture like this but i dint bring my camera. The clouds had a purplish tint, and it matched the flourescent lights in the windows of City Hall. and the trees in front of City Hall were lit with christmas lights. man wut a bummer. Time to work

Monday, December 02, 2002

oh curses!
lets see deadlines for this week
wed. chinese test, math test, TERM PAPER (7pages)
thurs. English Essay (3 pages)
time to work like crazyed

sbc gave me 760mb of pics and file storage cus they merged with yahoo

Sunday, December 01, 2002

look at me!! i can do a 1 hand cut Click
yes its sunday and i can watch tv and relax
no its sunday and i have homework todo
no its monday tomorrow and half of my classes suck
yes its monday tomorrow and i can chill with buddies

i gotta get my drivers license, im due! but im scared, i failed the written test once bfore i passed, wut if i fail this driving test.
I wonder about the future when ive matured
Will I begin to focus? Will I be cured?
From this unproductive life of a mess
Will i be defeated or have success
Life would be sufficient if i were rich
But i cant displace myself from this ditch
Why am i worrying about my fate?
I always survive and hold my weight.
I hope all of you will live in peace
cus friends will give and never cease
Im 16 and i dont know which way
but things will work out, good day
I want a pen cam, to take nice picture
I want a job to make money
I want to better than a 3.5 for a better future
I want a girl to be my honey
I want to think of better rhymes
But i do not have the time

Professional Poet: Chasdfadasdfwick HadsfUang
bored, and sored

I was playing one round of blackjack for 100 pushups with andy on friday and i lost, so im sore.
I went with my dad and cousin to go to home depot to help lift cabinets, so im sore.
i stayed home and sat in front of the computer during the break, so im bore.
i dont noe wut else to do and dont wanna start my hw, so im bore.

bored and sored.