Thursday, December 12, 2002

my damn damn!! why do all the teachers pile all these deadlines right before the break??? do they want us to kill our selves?? jeeezz... these past days i havent seen ne friends much out of school, so stressful. and especially the chinese teacher, all of a sudden we have to do this comic that i worked 6 hours on. all of a sudden we have to turn in a character book that contains 2,700+ characters. all of a sudden we have a final test on all the stuff we learned from Chinese 1-3 with 100 characters. poop.

man, my house is so dirty cus ive never had to do chores. It juss piles and piles and piles.. and rarely vacuum. So all this dust and allergens accumulate causing my nose to release histimines by the gallons and i go on sneezing frenzies!! at least 5 times in a row every time... dammn i hate it it makes me feel so messed up.. one minute i feel perfectly healthy.. then another minute i feel miserable.. tomorrow is my chinese "final" i guess and after that! i dont have to go to math tutor today so i go kiq it at andys house!!!
woohoo!!! ill relax like a maniac!! i havent been to the great house in over month or more. itll be great

anyone wanna proofread my US HISTORY termpaper? i noe it sux cus i did it late at night early in the mornin... but its wut i produce mfer! but yea for real, if u go the time and wanna read it, its only 5.5 pages... and itll help me lots! thx! maybe it could boost me out of my current 'B' bracket in US. thx for ur time

i am outside

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