Friday, January 10, 2003

I need excitement, i need fun, i need to get out of here
i have braces, it is not fun, it is because my teeth are slanted out-wards and have many gaps in between
i sit in front of this computer a lot, basically accomplishing nothing, maybe even DE-complishing things, because
lack of usage of brainage, causes leakage of imformation. that is why i gotta find something to do, if i had a job itll be coo cus i make some moneys. i hope i have time next semester so i can get a job with my marketing class. thatll be neato. well lets see, math is not that hard anymore im getting a B! woho. nah i dont wanna talk about finals. cus its all the same. i think im going to andys house tomorrow to have some fun ( no gay jokes please), maybe help him fix his unfixable computer. oh if NEONE noes NETHING about fixing computars, please, itll be a jolly good day.

I cant take this anymore, this computer sitting will make me go crazy and tug my hairs out. im going to go watch some good ole television.


have a nice nice

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