Friday, January 17, 2003

w3rd br0th3rs! finals turned out pretty good, it was funny because as today was the day we get our final test grades back and as the day progressed, i saw my percentages drop lower, and lower and lower. hahha i noe it sound bad but it was arite see:
first i had english, got 90% on it and i was rejoicing, then i had US history, got 80% on it, and was kinda rejoicing cus it was a uber hard test. then in physics i got 75.9% on it, and i was still kinda happy because it counts as a solid B. then in math, i was hoping the trend wouldnt follow, because i really needed a B in that class. I got back the written portion of my test: 22/40 crap. then i got the multiple choice back 55%.. double crap. but turns out, im doing above average, so after mad curves, it counted as a B! woooohooo.!!! and i get a final B for that class! honors credit! hah. what a day. so luck so good. i hope i get a A- in physics AND chinese. but i doubt chinese

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