Thursday, January 30, 2003

i get so happy when its a day before a special schedule. why? because i get to sleep extra long hour. I juss came home today and relaxed, played CS, went out to office depot to practice driving. haha me and my mom got all this stuff to the counter and it rang up 39.66. then i found out that my mom forgot to bring her wallet. drats! haha the cashier was gettin all attitude like we were cheap or sumthing. oh well. my neighbors are moving to florida because of gray davis (not really) and they were juss putting out free stuff out on the street, and when i came back i saw that they put out a boombox worth maybe 50 retail, but i well i snagged it and now i am happy because everybody loves free stuff rite??
<---w00t (kinda looks like im in a space suit)
Mr. Nager was offering a job at a law firm doing office stuff, i think im qualified, it pays 10 bux an hour and its at van ness. maybe i should take it. but i might not have nuff time to do hw and stuff who noes. i think ill try for it.
man i didnt get ne free stuff from the net tho.. wheres the logitech wireless duo that my mom won???! wheres my liquid pencil???!!

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