Friday, November 29, 2002

wussup chickens, turkey was pretty good. I think i ate too much tho, i stuffed like a mofo. my uncle brought his gamecube over and me him, his bro and henry were playin smash bros melee and mario party 4, pretty neat. then andy came and gary came and the same time and andy brought his computer. we CS for so long it started to burn our pupils. yeea then gary left and andy slept over. haha andy kept on trying to teach my useless ass to do a onehand cut with a deck of cards. hot damnnn it was hard, i realized my hand is small and cant stretch that far so i cant do it wut pity. yea we were juss chillin and such, pretty fun.

next day i woke up late and we were bored, we juss lanned CS and cut funny clips outta funny movies. One.Two.Three

and yes! he gave me jezzball!! i havent played that in years, im gonna break the hundred thousand mark. when? only time will tell

I wanna, Chadwick wick wick you from ur head to ur toe.

Monday, November 25, 2002

hello friends, shmoogalee boogalees! woopde doo magongas i got a 85 % for History wut joy! man im tired from school and procrastinating and sleeping at 12:30. i dont like expository writing at all. i wanna read stories and write essays on them! i dont even noe wut expository writing is about. history is arite, juss uneasy about the term paper. physics is myeah;... so so mr. shapiro give us 3 tests in a row on this 3 day weekend, smacked 2 deadlines on wednesday. wut a turd. after school i go play pingpong, man me and henry are getting to be pros. then we shoot around wit gary who stayed there for like 2.5 hours playing bball. then we chill at his house and made his parents even madder. now i have a ton of homework, maybe 2 tons.

peace womens and gents

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

woohoo i thought i got a F on my trig test, but i got a C. life is great again because i lived trhough a cluster of major deadlines. today was hecka fun mon. for physics class, we had a egg toss contest to see who can throw a egg to their partner the fartherst without it bursting. Derrick and me partnered up, darryl and lawrence partnered up. Derrick threw it at me whn we were about 16 meters apart and i caught it but forgot to pull back my hand so splat my shirt all messed up, my pants look like i leaked man juice all over. but it was cool. lawrence and darryl won, with 28 yards pretty cool.

we had a chinese skit, and it was so funny we kept forgetting our lines but it was cool cus everyone laffed, and the teacher sed our play was complicated and good. man wut a good day at school. I made 1 dollar off half my sandwich. i played ping pong wit henry and only won once, that bastard take advantage of my disadvantages. then we played bball wit andrew perry and alex. it was fun, played a game goofing around and henry slipped on the sand it was all laffs. I didnt wanna go home today, juss chill wit my homeboys so i bought 2 fried chicken thighs. k that dont make sense so den i went to andrews house chill, then garys house chill. all laffs all laffs, someone showed me and andrew their pubes and buttcheeks. im not saying who. for sake of my life. now im home and got lil bit o homework. im much more relaxed now. hanging out wit friends is so good, havent done it for so long no wonder i got so stressed recently.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

new post after i realized something, this is what ALWAYS happens every school year.
1. at the end of summer, i promise I will do better this school year.
2. I start off doing all my homework and studying hard. I even have time to chill at friends house.
3. I get lazy and start playing computer games thinking "eh no harm rite?"
4. my days get longer and i sleep less at night because I get hooked on some game.
5. I go to school half asleep, half bored and dont take in knowledge.
6. my grades slip slightly and i get discouraged.
7. then downward spiral as the semester drags on.

if i dont change dood,
i will get scrood
i wont go to a college that is good
i will go home to eat food
everyday i will have a bad mood
so i must change, understood?

damn im good

peace again, its 11, i will sleep at 1130, improvement from 1 o clock
its been about a month and some weeks since i posted..... well what happened is that i am still very lazy and im not being productive at all.. juss barely satisfactory work at school... i think the computer messes me up. when i turn it on, i stay on for hours on end and then i realize i have hella homework.

I played in the musical "My Fair Lady" pit orchestra so I can show off on my transcript that i am an aspiring violinist. Despite the hours and hours I put into it, IT turned out to be pretty fun. I got to see the show about 6-8 times, and each time got better cus i understood more and more. The music was great (thanks to me) and the acting was even better. they act like hella good, like they are really those ppl in the story it was great. well it showed from thurs to sunday, with 300, 1000, 700, and 500 people respectively.

and now for a cam pic:

thank you

lets see:
damn mr. yuan - he just agitates me, cus hes weird and i dont noe why we are learning what we are learning
damn U.S. Term Paper - I hate writing lengthy research papers, if I were only in AP US, i prefer studying like a mofokr than writing lengthy term paper, cus studying promotes knowledge. Lengthy term paper only promotes procrastination.
damn trig - I procrastinate too much
damn ms. pang - well, you noe.

from now on i will finish my hw at home, focus on my term paper, practice violin more than my current 30 minutes a week plan, and... improve my vocabulary i guess. oh yea and find time to chill at friends house rather than sit in front of computer.

peace. i think i will start posting now