Wednesday, November 20, 2002

woohoo i thought i got a F on my trig test, but i got a C. life is great again because i lived trhough a cluster of major deadlines. today was hecka fun mon. for physics class, we had a egg toss contest to see who can throw a egg to their partner the fartherst without it bursting. Derrick and me partnered up, darryl and lawrence partnered up. Derrick threw it at me whn we were about 16 meters apart and i caught it but forgot to pull back my hand so splat my shirt all messed up, my pants look like i leaked man juice all over. but it was cool. lawrence and darryl won, with 28 yards pretty cool.

we had a chinese skit, and it was so funny we kept forgetting our lines but it was cool cus everyone laffed, and the teacher sed our play was complicated and good. man wut a good day at school. I made 1 dollar off half my sandwich. i played ping pong wit henry and only won once, that bastard take advantage of my disadvantages. then we played bball wit andrew perry and alex. it was fun, played a game goofing around and henry slipped on the sand it was all laffs. I didnt wanna go home today, juss chill wit my homeboys so i bought 2 fried chicken thighs. k that dont make sense so den i went to andrews house chill, then garys house chill. all laffs all laffs, someone showed me and andrew their pubes and buttcheeks. im not saying who. for sake of my life. now im home and got lil bit o homework. im much more relaxed now. hanging out wit friends is so good, havent done it for so long no wonder i got so stressed recently.

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