Monday, November 25, 2002

hello friends, shmoogalee boogalees! woopde doo magongas i got a 85 % for History wut joy! man im tired from school and procrastinating and sleeping at 12:30. i dont like expository writing at all. i wanna read stories and write essays on them! i dont even noe wut expository writing is about. history is arite, juss uneasy about the term paper. physics is myeah;... so so mr. shapiro give us 3 tests in a row on this 3 day weekend, smacked 2 deadlines on wednesday. wut a turd. after school i go play pingpong, man me and henry are getting to be pros. then we shoot around wit gary who stayed there for like 2.5 hours playing bball. then we chill at his house and made his parents even madder. now i have a ton of homework, maybe 2 tons.

peace womens and gents

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