Monday, October 25, 2010

Fear the Machine

Hey will ya look at that, my blog is already Orange.  haha, I am by no means a baseball fan, but I've been watching the ends of some of the SF-Philly games, just for fun.  I used to follow the Giants when I was a kid (like 5-12 years old?), trading cards, following stats, all that good stuff.  But I just lost interest.  Playoffs starting in the 7th inning is fun to watch though!

Brian Wilson.  Hell of a character.  I never knew, but this last game when the Giant's beat the Phillies was when I learned all about the Giant's closer Brian Wilson.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you:

 The Beard
The Same Guy as above

All this time I thought BW was some 40 year old dude looking like a lumberjack.  But no, he's a 28 year old bro.  haha when they showed his shaved pic on TV, I couldn't believe it and just busted up laughing.  It doesn't stop there, he's a hell of a character:

When I was watching the postgame interview, he talks about "The Machine" and I just had to find out:

hahaha man that's awesome. This guy is ridiculous and entertaining as hell.

More machine  :) Don't worry, the video starts at 7:16 on its own, i'm not making you watch 8 minutes.

GO SF Briants!

10/28 Edit:
More Reading on B-Dub
Interview: Why he crosses his arms after saving a game
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Video: Interview about his Father

Mayhem in SE Portland

This weekend was crazy in the hood. Let's rewind *whirrrrrr*

I got the cold last week, most likely from insomnia/lackosleep and cooold temps.  So I decided to take it easy this weekend and not go out at all.  It was really nice to just park my maximus glutemus in my chair all weekend and catch up on my stories (MF, BBT, CMTY, HIMYM).  God I forgot how good BBT was, why did I ever stop watching you?

Anyways, I think I owe my life to the common cold.


Saturday 12:00-1:00AM.  Good Call Sports Bar.  
A bar I frequent, because it's only like 10 blocks from my house.  I was just there with my cousin last weekend.  I was telling him how great it was, how they give away free jerseys every gamenight.  The food was great, pho at late, yada yada.  I find out on the news that there was a shooting there this weekend! 
It was apparently some kind of gang related incident.  Man it's crazy when something like this happens so close to you.  My friend works there too, good thing she works mornings now. 

Saturday night 11:50PM.  Jay's Bar and Grill. 
We just went out to hangout for beers and karaoke last Thursday, and it was my first time there.  It was a pretty cool place, the KJ's (karaoke jockey?) were just awesome at singing.  One of them channeled Eminem with Lose Yourself, and it was awesomely awesome.  I didn't expect him to pull it off at all.  Then.. he started to C-walk and..... yea. hahaha.  Anyways, not even a day after the shooting at Good Call, there's a shooting at Jay's! wtfffff is this place I live in?! 

Time to find a hobby for the weekends, heh, maybe I'll start blogging more again?