Monday, December 21, 2009

1st Snowboarding of 09-10 season

That was the most fun (and exhausting) snowboarding day I've had!  It was a really nice warm day, and the snow was decent at Sierra@Tahoe.  We got in on a BOGOFree deal that Brian and P(thanks guys) had, so it was cheap too.  I actually didn't share the enthusiasm and anticipation that others have expressed about snowboarding this year, but this trip has changed it.  I finally understand how to not fall lol.  No bruises this time.  Now I wanna go again!  My next goal is to be able to carve down Blue hills without falling.

The Non-Pro Group

I like Sierra for my skill level.  I like it most cus the lodge is close to the parking lot, no gondolas required.

Tid Bits:
  1. Drove for more hours than I slept.  (not a good idea)
  2. Bobby was sick & slept only 2.5 hours before the trip.. crazy guy. 
  3. Saw two guys cram their snowboards into a MINI.  yea, it's possible.  

HIbachi's Autograph

On Friday, we went to a $10 Warriors game against the Wizards.  The Wizards aren't great, so I expected and hoped for us to win! But we are way too horrible now.  Free throws, missed shots, and no D were 50% of what caused our loss.  The other 50%?  Hibachi!

  What you lookin at?

Haha, I actually caught him at a candid moment.  He's actually a really nice and cool guy (despite scoring 45 on us.)  Andrew was a huge fan of Gilbert Arenas (AKA Hibachi*) and told us we could get his autograph after the game if we waited next to the buses.  And guess what? he showed up! The bus was waiting for him, but he saw about 30 fans out there and ran over to us, giving autographs to EVERYONE.  He posed for pictures and everything, it was awesome. 

See? Nice Guy

Even stopped to sign our folded up paper ticket haha.  How much is this worth.. $1.50?

*Fun Facts:
  1. Drafted by the Warriors, and traded away to join the long list of ex-Warrior Allstars.
  2. Nicknamed Hibachi, like the japanese cooker, because he gets hot and cooks his opponents? lol
  3. Wears #0, because people told him in college that thats how many minutes he'll be playing. 
  4. AKA Agent Zero

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kohl's and Parking Ticket

Yesterday I went out to Kohl's with Andrew and Andy and I overhear some kid whining as I was walking through the aisle.  As I walk closer...

kid:  wahhhh wahhh wahh
mom: stop that
kid: wahh wahhh
mom: stop that!
kid: wahh wahhh (i'm thinking stupid annoying kid)
mom: stop that shit! or i'll f*k you up!

oh my.  I was just flabbergasted, looking around to see if anyone else heard it.  I wanted to laugh but was kinda concerned for the kid. haha man crazy parenting.

Dodging a $150 bullet
At Kohl's I get a call from my brother: "Chad, mom's trying to move your car" What?? my mom doesn't drive stick.  bro: "yea some dpt guy is trying to ticket your car" (this is at like 8PM) I was like shit, no one in my house knows how to drive stick.  My mom panicks and rings the neighbor's door and he helps us move the car.  saved!

Apparently the DPT guy was being a dick too.  How the heck you gonna ticket me for "blocking the sidewalk".  There's enough room behind my small car for 3 wheelchairs side by side!! (ok maybe 2.5 as some people said).  My mom even asks if it's okay because the car is small, he takes a glance and makes some bs, "it's 2 inches too long."  He was watching my mom trying to move the car and hoping he would leave but he starts yelling :"if you don't move it in 15 seconds, i'm ticketing you for 150 bucks" What a cock.  But I bet it's some stupid neighbor that keeps calling these in.  We barely have had complaints for the 20+ years we've lived here, but recently our block has been getting a lot more of these citations.  What's the real law on this?

New Goal: teach mama to drive stick (she wants to learn)

UC Davis, Brian's bday

Just came back from celebrating Brian's bday.  We went out to a place in the sunset called The Garage, a Korean joint with Soju and open till 2 everyday.  It's a great place to hangout with friends or go on a date because its so unique.  It's actually a restaurant converted from a sunset home garage with doorbells at every table to call the waiter.  First time having Soju for me, and it's a pretty good time because everybody doesn't mind drinking it.  Even Andrew drank with us this time, and we were pretty much laughing the whole time at Brian's expense.  (ask him about his dream)   Haha that guy everytime we told him to give a toast, he'd say "i'm sorry"  haha that's not the greatest line to drink to but whatever it was fun.

I also went up to Davis today for an interview so I actually slept before 1AM and woke up before noon!  (doesn't happen much anymore) It felt great though, I actually felt rested and didn't hate myself for waking up at 2 haha.  The interview went pretty smoothly I thought.  I was practicing questions that I made up with Angel these couple of days and they actually asked those questions in the interview!  I hope I get it, it seems like a pretty cool place to work (will not mention it on this public blog). 

I kinda like going back to Davis sometimes, it's like nostalgia and its so laid back and chill there.  It was cool because my former roommate and my former coworker was still around so we all went out to eat at Davis Taqueria (steak burrito and carne asada fries NOM).  I didn't even notice until we left, but we were there for 3 hours!!  Never spent 3 hours at a burrito place.  We just had a lot of catching up to do, talking about the layoffs was actually kinda funny looking back now. 

My coworker always brings this up to me now and only because it's embarassing.  Right before we got laid off, he was like.. you know what? We had a nickname for you when you first got hired: 50-50.  Why 50-50 you may ask?  Well when I came in for an interview, I was an idiot and was totally unprepared.  My suit was kinda wrinkled because I didn't have time to dry clean, and I didn't get a haircut because I was scared of the Davis barber shops (the only time i tried it, i came out with a military crew cut -_-).  So I was like what the hell am I going to do with this mess of hair (college hair)?  I didn't want to look like a bum for this interview.  So with the hairgel I had lying around, I messed around and ended up splitting it down the middle. 

Apparently he see's me walking around with the hiring manager, and him and his friends start busting up laughing.  And they made a joke about it calling me 50-50 for the longest time.  He also told me he was talking to an assembler that apparently didn't know what "studious" meant.  and he goes: you remember that guy in the suit with the 50-50 split? thats what studious means.  haha god damn so embarassing.  what a way to make a 1st impression right? oh well at least it got me the job.

50-50: it get's the job done

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Themed Weekend: TV Land, SantaCon!

Yea I've been kind of having online withdrawal these couple of days, so I am way behind on this.  But I want to recap, so lets rewind *whiirr*

TV Land Partay
When I read the description, I was like crap.  I never watched TV Land or Nick at Nite (Cable-free since '83! ... actually '86 but it doesn't rhyme).  But Andy showed me this episode of Married with Children about the NO MA'AM (National Organization of Men Against Amazonion Masterhood) group, and it was hilarious!  So we went out and made our own NO MA'AM T-shirts.  It took us like at least half an hour a shirt (That's why women do the ironing!).   Only a couple of people recognized the shirt, and one guy even wanted us to make one for him.  But for the most part, we were pretty much frowned upon lol.  Heh it was pretty fun being lewd crude men for a night though. (Where a buck's enough to see their stuff.... At the Nudie Bar!)

I was most impressed with Alex's Fonz with the hair and the switchblade comb haha it was genius.  The party was really fun, there was Fonz #2 (haha sorry Alex was #1), Quailman+Dog, and Lucy and Ricky (These two were my favorite costumes).  Everyone was digging the N64 with the nostalgic MarioKart and GoldenEye (0 kills 43892 deaths I suck azz).  We were all playing until a few of us got too drunk, knocking over the N64 like 3 times in a row (it was then 4 o clock!)

I remember we went out to Beauty Bar for drinks (damned Bruno's for cover).  Scariest part was when I walked by Lexington (lesbian bar) with the NO MA'AM T-shirt in clear view!  I didn't even realize until I was right in front, and I suddenly remembered, so I quickly used Henry as a visual shield so I wouldn't get beat up.

I never heard about this before, but I was amazed at how many fully-dressed Santas there were!  We were all pretty drained from the prior night, so we didn't make it to the day events.  It's too bad because it looked like a lot of fun.  But we heard that Bootie was holding an afterparty, which I'm always down for.  Next time I'll dress up more for sure! Because Alex, Tiana and Paula were in full costumes and it looked way fun (and they got in for free!).  Haha Paula was golden with her Hannukah Bush costume.  She was so popular that night!   Funniest part of the night was when she slapped some guy's ass while he was in the middle of a little somethin' somethin' with his lady elf.  2nd funniest part? Finding Alex asleep upstairs on the railing.  Poor guy.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Good Morning Sunshine

YES, I'm alive again!  Since last Wednesday I barely saw anyone because I've been trying to get better from this damned relapse.  Furthermore, since I was always in my house, I couldn't charge my phone (because I only have a car charger now and I'm waiting for my real charger in the mail).

Remember how I got sick last Sunday? Well, I went out and did too much too soon and starting getting sick again around Wednesday.  Mostly because I didn't sleep enough again haha.  You'd think I'd learn from my mistakes.  Nope.  I thought I was almost better, so I decided to fix my sleeping schedule (because I had insomnia until 7-8AM last Thursday).  So I didn't sleep much at all that day, only a couple of naps here and there.  It worked, because I went to sleep at 12AM but when I woke up, it was 16 hours later and I felt like hell hath ravaged itself upon my body...

Next Day, slept 14 hours.
Next Day, slept 12 hours.  I think it's a sign from my body to sleep better.

I pretty much didn't see the sun from Friday to Sunday.  But whatever, I woke up at a reasonable time... 11AM? and I'm gonna see the heck out of the sun today! ...if it's out.

Turkey Flu?
Being sick after Thanksgiving made me remember that I used to think that Turkeys made me sick.  I swear several years back I had a consistent string of sicknesses (flu mostly) after Thanksgiving.  I was young, so I may have been thinking crazy, but I'm gonna keep note of this next year and see if it happens again.  It's most likely seasonal flu, but whateverrrr

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

For The Record

Dear Future Wilton,

I'm writing this to keep record of the pain you caused me today.  I was sleeping my last recovery sleep to rid myself from this sickness and I get a call at 7AM from Mom that you didn't wear shoes to school.  I had to drag my Nyquil groggy butt out of bed and drive all the way to SOTA.  How does someone not wear shoes to school!? You should be punished by wearing Crocs to school the next time you do this.

No hard feelings,
Your Brother

PS.  You owe me.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

W's get another W!

Just came back from a Warriors game (Black Friday Deal) against the Pacers, and it was definitely a great time out!  The BF deal was you get a free "The City" Long sleeve with purchase of every ticket.  Awesome right?! ANNKKK! wrong. I swears we got scammed.  When we went to claim our shirts, they were like "Oh Sorry, we only have one size left.  XL" wtf?  I look back behind them and I see 3 unopened boxes of shirts.  Clearly they did this promotion to get rid of their XL's that weren't selling (MSRP $25).  Oh well, at least we won!

Scammed!(unless you're a giant)

First 2 quarters was a drag.  The Pacers had solid defense and scoring while we struggled with wild offense that wasn't going in and minimal defense.  Good thing Monta Ellis lit the fire and by the end of the 3rd quarter, EVERYBODY's shots were going in.  When they made their run, I totally forgot I was sick!  Congrats to Ellis for his career best 45 points! He's a beast. 

Favorite Moments:
  • Listening to the Nosebleed Coaches behind us: "GO READ A BOOK! FUNDAMENTALS! INTELLIGENCE!" ahaha, those guys definitely make it an experience
  • Downing a whole tray of Nachos to myself to avoid cross contamination (delicious, but probably not a good Flu food tho)
  • Watching white people dance on the JumboTron lol
  •  Ellis taking over (Curry step it up! I need more stats! btw 3rd in my fantasy league now :D)
Oh yea, Curry has a blog that hes keeping all season to give you a look into a NBA Rookie's experiences.  It's pretty interesting reading about the new freedom he has and kicking it at Lebron's pad.  It gives a good human perspective of the life of an athlete. This kid's got it made!