Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Themed Weekend: TV Land, SantaCon!

Yea I've been kind of having online withdrawal these couple of days, so I am way behind on this.  But I want to recap, so lets rewind *whiirr*

TV Land Partay
When I read the description, I was like crap.  I never watched TV Land or Nick at Nite (Cable-free since '83! ... actually '86 but it doesn't rhyme).  But Andy showed me this episode of Married with Children about the NO MA'AM (National Organization of Men Against Amazonion Masterhood) group, and it was hilarious!  So we went out and made our own NO MA'AM T-shirts.  It took us like at least half an hour a shirt (That's why women do the ironing!).   Only a couple of people recognized the shirt, and one guy even wanted us to make one for him.  But for the most part, we were pretty much frowned upon lol.  Heh it was pretty fun being lewd crude men for a night though. (Where a buck's enough to see their stuff.... At the Nudie Bar!)

I was most impressed with Alex's Fonz with the hair and the switchblade comb haha it was genius.  The party was really fun, there was Fonz #2 (haha sorry Alex was #1), Quailman+Dog, and Lucy and Ricky (These two were my favorite costumes).  Everyone was digging the N64 with the nostalgic MarioKart and GoldenEye (0 kills 43892 deaths I suck azz).  We were all playing until a few of us got too drunk, knocking over the N64 like 3 times in a row (it was then 4 o clock!)

I remember we went out to Beauty Bar for drinks (damned Bruno's for cover).  Scariest part was when I walked by Lexington (lesbian bar) with the NO MA'AM T-shirt in clear view!  I didn't even realize until I was right in front, and I suddenly remembered, so I quickly used Henry as a visual shield so I wouldn't get beat up.

I never heard about this before, but I was amazed at how many fully-dressed Santas there were!  We were all pretty drained from the prior night, so we didn't make it to the day events.  It's too bad because it looked like a lot of fun.  But we heard that Bootie was holding an afterparty, which I'm always down for.  Next time I'll dress up more for sure! Because Alex, Tiana and Paula were in full costumes and it looked way fun (and they got in for free!).  Haha Paula was golden with her Hannukah Bush costume.  She was so popular that night!   Funniest part of the night was when she slapped some guy's ass while he was in the middle of a little somethin' somethin' with his lady elf.  2nd funniest part? Finding Alex asleep upstairs on the railing.  Poor guy.


Cora L. said...

Hahaha, you would have gotten mobbed by the lesbians.. even if they didn't understand the reference LOL but I love themed parties, there should be one every weekend!!!

Tiana said...

that guy was definitely ready to rip one of your guy's shirts off...he wanted one so bad. how much did he offer to pay for one? you boys should start a business

Tiana said...
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