Monday, December 21, 2009

HIbachi's Autograph

On Friday, we went to a $10 Warriors game against the Wizards.  The Wizards aren't great, so I expected and hoped for us to win! But we are way too horrible now.  Free throws, missed shots, and no D were 50% of what caused our loss.  The other 50%?  Hibachi!

  What you lookin at?

Haha, I actually caught him at a candid moment.  He's actually a really nice and cool guy (despite scoring 45 on us.)  Andrew was a huge fan of Gilbert Arenas (AKA Hibachi*) and told us we could get his autograph after the game if we waited next to the buses.  And guess what? he showed up! The bus was waiting for him, but he saw about 30 fans out there and ran over to us, giving autographs to EVERYONE.  He posed for pictures and everything, it was awesome. 

See? Nice Guy

Even stopped to sign our folded up paper ticket haha.  How much is this worth.. $1.50?

*Fun Facts:
  1. Drafted by the Warriors, and traded away to join the long list of ex-Warrior Allstars.
  2. Nicknamed Hibachi, like the japanese cooker, because he gets hot and cooks his opponents? lol
  3. Wears #0, because people told him in college that thats how many minutes he'll be playing. 
  4. AKA Agent Zero


Anonymous said...

No time to punch, eh?

Cora L. said...

Chad, that's so sad. People go to our games to get autographs from the other team...