Thursday, August 29, 2002

yay i have a english class, but i dont have social studies yet. damn lowell!!
well, I went to park after school, and played bball, really fun!!

i finished all my hw at 10, feels great! and here is a jibberish conversation between my cousin and I, it lasted for like 40 minutes. hahah i thought it was pretty cool

Wednesday, August 28, 2002

I still dont have an english or social studies class.. i hope i can fix tomorrow.

today after school me and henry play bball.. and then after i eat dinner i fall sleep on couch from like 730 -1030. I feel good so i do my math hw. Its pretty long to do but after a while i can figure it out. This is my schedule
1-2 no
3-4-5 orch
reg yes
6-7 no
8-9 no
10 no
11-12-13 physics h
14-15 no
16-17-18 adv alg/trig h
19-20 chinese

Sunday, August 25, 2002

hey, today was pretty fun doo... i woke up early 4 SAT class.. didnt have a such good time.. but at 230 i went to playground with andrew and alex.. and i brought my digital camera.. and recorded andrew doing hella layups and stuff.. but this time we didnt have chairs so we couldnt dunk hehe. ...

then me and gary went to alex house and we watched him play neverwinter nights... it was a blast.... he yelled at me for sitting on his bed!!.. lets see.. oh yea!! highlight of the day.. we went downstairs and started boxing with his gloves!! it was tite!!! so fun man!! i wanna do it more.. but then gary knocked me in the head couple times (we made a rule that sed it was illegal to do so) and now i feel kinda dead.. maybe cus i woke up early but it COULD be when i got knocked in the head..
here are couple vids that i upped ( i made 14 bball vids & 12 boxing vids)
Gary Knocks Chad in the Face
Alex Vs. Chad
Alex Vs. Gary
Andrew n Alex Bball

(i recommend u view 200%)
When i came home.. i found out that we bought a new tv/vcr/dvd in our kitchen and the kitchen tv went to my room!!! yes!! and we got a new microwave too :)

haha oh yea this is the pic that i took at the playground.. hahah some guy was lying on the ground hilarious!!
Some Korean Guy on the Floor

Thursday, August 22, 2002

wussup reader..

yesterday alex forced me to go to his house because if i didnt, hed break me in half!. hah it was great at his house,,, his desk and bed setup was cool.. and we juss chilled there and i poked his nipple!!! haha i think im temporarily banned from his house now..yaa.. his mom made hella good dinner.. got lobster.. got chicken.. got rice.. got bok choy.. got porrk.. hell yea...

today i went to the 38 playground n i saw stacey on the way. andrew and alex were taking pictures of them playing basketball.. den we set up chairs n shit and tried to dunk.. hahahah andrew was scared to jump and alex looked hella funny.. it was hella fun.. i didnt have enough hops... only touched rim once. so then we called gary to come cus he got hella height and hop. he did hella sickass super dunks it was tite,.. but he got cuts on his wrist from the rim.. we gonna do that again tmw when i bring my digital camera.. itll be tite. haha.

shit.. i pick last for scheduling.. i donno wut to do
i even forgot wut classes i picked... i dont feel like bothering with all that counselor and mini arena crap..!! ahh!! i juss want random teachers.. oh yea my dream today was hella weird.. i went to a camp with a bunch of friends.. and there were these other ppl with girls.. and then me and my friends were trying to steal them womens.. it was weird.. im weird. your weird.

i like to listen to phiber optik - hostility


Thursday, August 15, 2002

i am carnivore

todays breakfast

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

I was laffing at brian cus he put a certain entry into his blog
Monday, August 12
Dear Journal,

I woke up and had a "pitched tent" this morning. It wouldn't "calm down." So I slept some more.

The End

NONSENSE(brian) at 7:17 PM!!

bri4nsuh: LOL
bri4nsuh: you have to pitch one too
bri4nsuh: in the morning
Chun Lick: ill pitch a teepee
bri4nsuh: hahah
bri4nsuh: you're so damn indian
bri4nsuh: go for it
Chun Lick: teepees are taller
Chun Lick: hahahha
bri4nsuh: damnit :[
bri4nsuh: fine them damnit
bri4nsuh: im gonna pitch a cabin
Chun Lick: :-X
Chun Lick: how in the hay?
bri4nsuh: im gonna pile more and more wood on top of me
bri4nsuh: err
bri4nsuh: FUCK
bri4nsuh: NO
bri4nsuh: NO
bri4nsuh: NEVER MIND
bri4nsuh: ;X

Sunday, August 11, 2002

wow today was so cool and fun
I woke up at 1130 and me andrew alex and henry went to go serramonte to meet up with andy. Andy printed out free coke coupons so we all got free 20 oz coke.. and i won another free coke from the bottle cap thing. and then my mom later at night went to safeway and got another coke with the cap and the coke was a winning cap as well.. wow wut a cool thing!

Well after serramonte (non of us got nething except for food and hairdye) we went to andy's house, luckily andy knwe the way back. well during the whole day we been talkin about stuff like whos the best something something so that was interesting and fun. yea at andys house we played monopoly.. but andrew became hella monopoly like fuckin microsoft so we all got tired of it and most of us quit. it was pretty fun the cus me andy and henry were making all these deals with each other to attack andrew. then we played darts too.. it was fun. andy made a super bullseye. andrew and alex made up more questions and it was fun. i played andrew and alex chess and i loss. It was fun cus we found out opinions of each other we had of each other. and no one was really poked fun at cus we poke fun at everyone. so fun day. oh yea at sport mart there was this aero walk thing machine where ur on these ski like things and u try to walk but the ones that tried it fell off and it was funny.

oh yea and andrew and alex started gambling with tony and leeme. I only played one game of '35' but i lost a dolla.

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

today i woke up at 12 sumthing and then take shower and go to garys house and ate his egg bread, or french toast as you all call it. and den we go play basketball.. i felt so tired man... i didnt wanna move... maybe it was the egg bread. or the dry ness.. or cus i lifted weights rite b4 i went to sleep. neways i sucked really bad and he owned me in game.. but i could still kinda shoot... its just hard to run. i go home and go math class. i can do math pretty quick now.. (i got slow cus i practically stopped doing math HW from i think 8th grade, well i didnt try so i didn tget enuff practice).. yuh.. after dinner i go bike ride with brother to cabrillo 38 playground.. and i met andrew there and we play one on one up to 16. but we play so long and it got black and we deuced and deuced and deuced for a long time but at the end... i became blind and he beat me.. good game..

my brother pulled a 1 centimeter long, 2 milimeter wide splinter from underneath his nail... it was disgusting.,.. the first time i saw it.. his finger nail was producing all this puss and stuff and it was like raising his nail and then a few days later.. it turned into all this brown junk.. and a few days later it all went away and it dried.. his whole nail is white and u could see underneath it.. the gap between his nail and his meat is about 2 he pulled it out wit a tweezer.. here is a pic. now underneath it looks like regular skin and i could see little grains of sand still there.

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

i pooped when i woke up.
and i found watermelon seeds

Monday, August 05, 2002

yesterday, i woke up at 830 to go bowling with henry and albert. So tired. we bowled from 1030 to 1230. highest i got was 92! yea dats pretty good for me heh.. but me and albert had the worst game... he got 6 zeros and i got 5 zeros... ahhhh.. ahhah and henry printed it out so he could show ppl. hha. we saw andrew there too.. it was his bithday hapy birthdya. den henry insisted we go to my house. so we did. and we ate a lot of things my mom cooked for us. we watched The Truman show, Rememerb the Titans, and Shaolin SOccer. Andy came over too. we juss chilled.. i slept at 1 i was so tired i fell into a deep sleep and woke up at 3.. 14 hours of sleep, juss like andy,, heh i was kinda anrgy cus i wanted to wake up earlier... it such nice day today.. i juss ate a bagel and drannk ovaltine.

Thursday, August 01, 2002

Today i went to play basketball with gary alex and andrew. It was fun, we played hunch with tips. haha gary had gamepoint (20) and he layed it up, it bounced and then andrew got it and threw it up hella fast and it swish!! went in... haha..
alex and andrew chilled at my house and used my dsl. alex dl chinese songs, and andrew dl some good songs, some weird songs, and a buncha wwf songs. I played mariokart battle with andrew and i lost 7 times.... but i won once! yea.

I make simpho website for brother click
ah... i played literati with andy and my cousin lily and we had an interesting choice of words --->> DIRTY LITERATI