Sunday, August 25, 2002

hey, today was pretty fun doo... i woke up early 4 SAT class.. didnt have a such good time.. but at 230 i went to playground with andrew and alex.. and i brought my digital camera.. and recorded andrew doing hella layups and stuff.. but this time we didnt have chairs so we couldnt dunk hehe. ...

then me and gary went to alex house and we watched him play neverwinter nights... it was a blast.... he yelled at me for sitting on his bed!!.. lets see.. oh yea!! highlight of the day.. we went downstairs and started boxing with his gloves!! it was tite!!! so fun man!! i wanna do it more.. but then gary knocked me in the head couple times (we made a rule that sed it was illegal to do so) and now i feel kinda dead.. maybe cus i woke up early but it COULD be when i got knocked in the head..
here are couple vids that i upped ( i made 14 bball vids & 12 boxing vids)
Gary Knocks Chad in the Face
Alex Vs. Chad
Alex Vs. Gary
Andrew n Alex Bball

(i recommend u view 200%)
When i came home.. i found out that we bought a new tv/vcr/dvd in our kitchen and the kitchen tv went to my room!!! yes!! and we got a new microwave too :)

haha oh yea this is the pic that i took at the playground.. hahah some guy was lying on the ground hilarious!!
Some Korean Guy on the Floor

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