Tuesday, August 13, 2002

I was laffing at brian cus he put a certain entry into his blog
Monday, August 12
Dear Journal,

I woke up and had a "pitched tent" this morning. It wouldn't "calm down." So I slept some more.

The End

NONSENSE(brian) at 7:17 PM!!

bri4nsuh: LOL
bri4nsuh: you have to pitch one too
bri4nsuh: in the morning
Chun Lick: ill pitch a teepee
bri4nsuh: hahah
bri4nsuh: you're so damn indian
bri4nsuh: go for it
Chun Lick: teepees are taller
Chun Lick: hahahha
bri4nsuh: damnit :[
bri4nsuh: fine them damnit
bri4nsuh: im gonna pitch a cabin
Chun Lick: :-X
Chun Lick: how in the hay?
bri4nsuh: im gonna pile more and more wood on top of me
bri4nsuh: err
bri4nsuh: FUCK
bri4nsuh: NO
bri4nsuh: NO
bri4nsuh: NEVER MIND
bri4nsuh: ;X

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