Thursday, August 22, 2002

wussup reader..

yesterday alex forced me to go to his house because if i didnt, hed break me in half!. hah it was great at his house,,, his desk and bed setup was cool.. and we juss chilled there and i poked his nipple!!! haha i think im temporarily banned from his house now..yaa.. his mom made hella good dinner.. got lobster.. got chicken.. got rice.. got bok choy.. got porrk.. hell yea...

today i went to the 38 playground n i saw stacey on the way. andrew and alex were taking pictures of them playing basketball.. den we set up chairs n shit and tried to dunk.. hahahah andrew was scared to jump and alex looked hella funny.. it was hella fun.. i didnt have enough hops... only touched rim once. so then we called gary to come cus he got hella height and hop. he did hella sickass super dunks it was tite,.. but he got cuts on his wrist from the rim.. we gonna do that again tmw when i bring my digital camera.. itll be tite. haha.

shit.. i pick last for scheduling.. i donno wut to do
i even forgot wut classes i picked... i dont feel like bothering with all that counselor and mini arena crap..!! ahh!! i juss want random teachers.. oh yea my dream today was hella weird.. i went to a camp with a bunch of friends.. and there were these other ppl with girls.. and then me and my friends were trying to steal them womens.. it was weird.. im weird. your weird.

i like to listen to phiber optik - hostility


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